Ceiling fans in India are one of the most used items across home appliances during the summer. With India facing tough summer months from April to August, ceiling fans are what give solace to people. It not only helps give relief from the heat but also ensures that the humidity and the weather don’t affect your lifestyle.

Though the summer months are mainly four to five months, ceiling fans are used for over eight to ten months in India. And we have to because the year-round temperature also seems to be above 30 degrees except a few of those winter months. As a result, you see ceiling fans in almost all homes in India.

Ceiling fans not only act as a functional thing but have also become one of the home decor things at present. That’s why you find ceiling fans in different variety, looks, design, and performance metrics. The color options also have increased quite a lot and the addition of new trendy designs make it a great pick for people. But how do you go about finding the right ceiling fan?

Getting the right quality ceiling fan is quite important for a home. A good ceiling fan will give plenty of air and let the airflow be maintained. This will help in tackling the battering heat. A good rule of thumb is to find a ceiling fan with the right size and fan blade to match the area of the room. This way good airflow will be provided throughout the room.

Ceiling Fan Under 2000

Best Buy Ceiling Fans Below 2000 INR

Another criterion to look at is power consumption, you don’t want to have an electricity bill that will cost you quite a lot. This is why energy efficiency fans are doing great in the market. There is also inverter support enabled fans and more that offer all-around coverage during power cuts also. We here have picked the list of 10 best selling ceiling fans in India available under Rs 2000 price option. Let’s check them out. 

1. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous Dhoom 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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The first one on our list is from the brand Luminous. It has taken the market by quite a storm with its top-notch products and continues to be one of the best picks for home appliances. This has quite a good performance with a 70-watt motor that ensures superior airflow throughout.

The color aspects and the design is quite beautiful and will grace the look of the house. It also has 3 wider blades with a size of 1200 mm. The fan runs at a speed of 380 RPM with air delivery of 220 CMM. It comes with a non-corrosive-based high-grade motor with an aluminum build while the wiring inside the motor is done with electrolytic grade copper. This makes sure that the fan has a long life and continues to perform for years to come.

The wider dimension of the blade covers the entire area of the room and spreads conical airflow in all corners. It has three different color options to pick from in form of white, ivory, and brown. It comes with a warranty of two years on manufacturing defects making it a great pick for consumers.

Pros –

  • The fans look very good in comparison to other brands.
  • The power consumption is quite low making it energy efficient.
  • Fan assembly is quite simple and can be done at ease.
  • The fan is sturdily built and is durable.

Cons –

  • Customer service may disappoint at times.

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2. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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The second pick of our list is from Orient, another of the top-ranked brands when it comes to home appliances. Orient has a lineup of great picks like ceiling fans and table fan range. We here pick their Electric Apex for our list of best ceiling fans in India.

It comes with a super reliable and efficient functioning mechanism powered by a copper motor. The motor functions as the hub for quality performance. It runs quite smoothly and ensures maximum air delivery at all speeds. The fan comes with a wide blade that allows for higher air delivery and a good thrust. It also ensures that the fan flows air to every corner of the room. It comes with ultimate cooling performance and has a ribbed blade design that gives a unique angle for great airflow.

It has a double ball bearing-based system that gives a smooth and noiseless operation with smooth operation. The company offers the fan in two different color options and has 2 years of warranty.

Pros –

  • A lightweight fan with optimum performance.
  • Noiseless performance and smooth operation.
  • The wider blade area allows air cooling in all parts of the room.
  • Fan speed is nice and gives a cooling effect.
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty and support from the manufacturer.

Cons –

  • There are a few negative reviews about after-sales services.

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3. Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

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Bajaj has always been a trustworthy pick for consumers when it comes to home appliances. Their range of home appliances has served plenty of homes and helped provide ease of living. Their ceiling fan range is quite good and is well received. Its new Bajaj Frore ceiling fan has been making good progress and makes our cut of the list at number three.

This fan endorses the benchmark-setting ideology of the brand in providing speed, style, and energy efficiency. It comes with one of the best energy efficiency options around and is worth the value for money. It features a high-speed fan that allows for quick cooling and balance of temperature. The air delivery coupled with the wider fan blades allows for faster and comforting cooling while the low power consumption motor keeps the electricity bill in check. It has a power consumption of only 56 watts to go with.

The fan also features double bearing technology giving it durable shelf life. The torque motor has a quick start which allows it to move quickly even with the low power consumption resulting in a good airflow.

Pros –

  • Great and smooth airflow covering all around the corners of the room.
  • Low power consumption with the optimum level of airflow.
  • Double ball bearing system to help provide a durable life to the fan.
  • Almost noiseless performance.

Cons –

  • The motor capacity is less in comparison to other competitor’s products.

4. Crompton Super Briz Deco 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Crompton Super Briz Deco 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

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At the fourth place in our list, we have a ceiling fan from Crompton making its entry into the list. Crompton is one of the trusted brands in India for home and electrical appliances and there’s no surprise to see them as part of the best picks in every collection. They have a range of ceiling fans under their line-up and the Super Briz Deco is part of this list.

It’s a premium decorative fan with best-in-class functioning and air delivery. The fan comes with an attractive designer-based shank cover that gives consistent airflow. It has aluminum blades that have a durable life cycle. The blades are topped with an anti-corrosive layer for protection against rust and corrosion. Underneath the fan, there is a copper winding motor that is designed with high reliability.

It has a speed of 400 RPM giving it one of the best airflows in this range. The fan is priced at a reasonable range making it a quality buy for any household. It comes with a 2 years manufacturing warranty and has a 48-hour quick response for any after-sales service.

Pros –

  • The fan speed is impressive and gives a great cooling effect.
  • It has a premium decorative design that suits perfectly living rooms and halls.
  • The fan comes with a copper winding motor which makes it durable.
  • It comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Cons –

  • There are a few complaints about the noise levels at high speed.

5. Usha Airostrong Curve 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Usha Airostrong Curve 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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If there’s one brand across India that has always won over the trust factor from the general public and stood the test of time, it’s Usha. Such is the standing and folklore of the brand that people trust the brand to give great products. And that’s something the brand hasn’t disappointed in.

Usha has a range of ceiling fans available for consumers. Their product lines come with a great set of features. We’ve picked the Usha Airostrong as part of our list of best ceiling fans in India. The fan comes in three different metallic color combinations which are impressive to look at. It has a high-speed motor of 390 RPM that allows air to flow even to the corners of the room. The airflow delivery is also at optimum with 220 cubic meters per minute. The fan comes with a high lift angle that gives it a wider throw area.

It has a sweep of 1200 mm and consumes power of 80W. This ceiling fan has an alloy steel build for durability and comes with five-speed settings. The motor performs at a very minimal noise allowing you to do your work easily without getting disturbed. It comes with 2 years of warranty from the company.

Pros –

  • It features beautiful luminescent rings and a trims-based design.
  • The fan has wide-reaching airflow covering a large area.
  • It functions with minimal noise.
  • The design makes it a great home décor piece for living rooms and halls.
  • It comes with the brand trust and has 2 years of warranty.

Cons –

  • The fan is priced at quite a high range.

6. Anchor By Panasonic Ventus 600mm Ceiling Fan

Anchor By Panasonic Ventus 600mm Ceiling Fan

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If there’s one brand across India that has constantly brought innovation and new-age design to the public, then it’s Panasonic. They have continuously been known for their good offerings and this fan is no different. And if you’re a fan of innovative design, then this one will win you over. It comes with four fan blades, yup four blades.

Anchor by Panasonic is one of the best picks you can get and comes with a dynamic design featuring four fan blades. It has a sturdy build and suits the household quite well. The design also makes sure that the airflow is always optimum and reaches all areas of the room. The fan has a high-speed design with a speed of 810 RPM and an air delivery of 120 CMM. The fan also comes with a sweep of 600 mm.

The air thrust is quite good for this fan and users to have received this fan with good regards. It has a decorative body ring to it and features die-casted aluminum motor covers for longevity. The blades also feature a rust-free design allowing them to run for a long period. The pricing is quite adequate and makes it a good buy for home.

Pros –

  • The fan features an impressive design.
  • It has four fan blades with a high air thrust feature.
  • The fan comes with a rust-free design and die-casted aluminum motor.
  • It has noise-free functioning allowing you to sleep in comfort.

Cons –

  • Some homes may find the four-blade fan not suitable.

7. Jones Crystal 1200 mm with Remote 3 Blade High Speed

Jones Crystal 1200 mm with Remote 3 Blade High Speed

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The next pick in our list is the one from Jones with a peculiar feature that none of the aforementioned fans can offer, a remote control option. This fan is priced at a great pick and has become one of the best sellers around. It comes with a super elegant design and has an efficient motor mechanism that is designed to provide high power whilst also providing good energy-efficient performance.

The fan has a superb glossy look and comes with a carbon steel double ball bearing. It has a rust-proof coating on top of the body and the plates that give it a durable life. It also features a glossy finish on the fan blades. The fan has a 1200 mm wide blade that provides air throughout the room and features 400 RPM of speed that makes sure the air delivery is at optimum levels.

The fan comes with a remote control making it a smart-based fan. A user can easily control the fan and change the metrics like speed and all with the remote. It features a warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer which can be extended to 3 years with additional support.

Pros –

  • Extremely appealing design with great features.
  • 100 percent copper winding gives the motor durable life.
  • Remote control option for the fan.
  • Metallic finish with three different color options.
  • Energy-efficient design.

Cons –

  • Fan sound at high speeds may disturb a bit in smaller rooms.

8. Candes Florence 1200mm Anti-dust Ceiling Fan

Candes Florence 1200mm Anti-dust Ceiling Fan

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Coming in at the eighth number in our list is the one from Candes, another Indian brand offering users great products with innovative designs and looks. Their products are known for having superb performance, innovative styling, and features. Candes have a range of fans under their lineup and we’ve picked the Florence Anti-Dust product from them.

This candes ceiling fan comes with a 100 percent copper motor with a double ball bearing design giving it superb functioning and performance. It has a 5-star rating from BEE. It has a 1200 mm fan blade size that gives good airflow all over the room along with a fan speed of 400 RPM that makes sure the airflow speed is high. The fan offers 4-5 speed settings and comes with a dynamically balanced blade ensuring good performance for a long time.

The fan has an elegant design with a carbon steel bearing and features a non-corrosive aluminum high-grade motor design. It also has pure electrolyte-grade copper windings for a better life. The fan features 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer and has added support for 1 year extended warranty.

Pros –

  • The color and design of the fan are impressive.
  • The fan works fine for a small and large room with good air delivery and flow.
  • The fan has a high-speed offering for a better cooling effect.
  • The fan has a value for money aspect.

Cons –

  • The fan may turn out noisy at high-speed settings.



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The ninth number on our list is the one from Activa with their high-speed fan. The fan comes with an impressive feature and is one of the best picks for the value of money aspect in India under Rs 2000. This fan is part of Activa’s high efficient home appliance and they have made a good mark on the customers.

This ceiling fan comes with aerodynamically designed blades that can turn up to a maximum speed of 390 RPM. This makes the fan extremely high airflow enabled making sure your room has the best airflow possible. It has a 5-star rating from BEE which makes this fan an energy-efficient one so that you don’t have to pay high bills on electricity. It has easy to install mechanism and can be done with ease at home via self-installation.

It has a down rod mount system and comes with an anti-dust coating. This allows the fan to last long and be free of corrosion. It is equipped with X-flow technology which allows it to generate high airflow. The fan has 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

Pros –

  • The fan is rated as 5-star from BEE making it one of the energy-efficient ones.
  • It has an aerodynamically designed blade with X-technology that gives greater airflow and cooling.
  • The fan is priced quite well and is a good value for money.

Cons –

  • The after-sales service is not always up to the mark.

10. V-Guard Ceiling Fan Superflo 1200 mm

V-Guard Ceiling Fan Superflo 1200 mm

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V-Guard is one of the major brands in India when it comes to home appliances and electrical appliances. The brand is known for its highly durable quality products, high performance, and extremely value for money proposition. The brand has a lot of ceiling fans under their offering and we’ve picked the Superflo as part of our list. With this one, our list of the best 10 will also be rounded off.

This V-Guard SuperFlo comes with a beautiful design features crafted decoration. It also has a golden ring design to it that makes it a great décor piece in your hall or living room and accentuates the value of your home. It has aerodynamically designed aluminum blades that give it great airflow and a sturdy build. This allows it to provide high efficient consistent airflow for a long period.

The fan has specially designed trims on the blades that give it a subtle angle to reach the farthest corners of the room. It also has a fan speed of 380 RPM for good airflow. Amid all these high performances, the fan also has an energy-efficient mechanism to provide the best of both sides, good performance, and low electricity bills. The fan has a power consumption of 78 watts and comes with a sweep size of 1200 mm. It has a beautiful blue color base that suits the visual appeal quite a lot.

Pros –

  • The fan has an elegant design that gives a good visual appeal to the room.
  • It has a high-speed airflow with a specially designed trim on the blades for wide angular reach.
  • The fan features energy-efficient performance and has a good sweep size and air delivery.
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

Cons –

  • The fan does not creak at high speeds.

FAQ’s on Buying Ceiling Fans

Here’s a list of FAQs that will help you to buy the best ceiling fans from the available options in the market.

  1. How to choose the right ceiling fan?

The very word right ceiling fan can be exhaustive and vast. For some, the right ceiling fan might be something that gives good airflow and great coverage while some may look at the design aspect and the colors to find the right match. We advise you to pick the right ceiling fans based on various criteria like airflow, blade size, motor performance, design, warranty, and more.

  1. What is the ideal blade size for ceiling fans?

Ideally, the blade size comes in 1200 mm. The fans with a blade size of 1200 mm can help cover a good area or room when it comes to cooling. Depending upon the need, you can find ceiling fans in different blade sizes.

  1. What is the ideal length of the downrod in the ceiling fan?

The length of the downrod is very vital when you install a ceiling fan as this will determine the aerodynamics and the flow. Normally the fans have a minimum downrod length of 2.4 meters to a maximum length of 2.8 meters for a normal room.

  1. Does the ceiling fan cool the room?

Ceiling fans are a great way to cool down your room without having to spend plenty of money on an air conditioner and more. Ceiling fans help cool the room by the use of aerodynamics and use of consistent airflow. It helps decrease the temperature of the room by over 8 degrees.

  1. What is the direction that the fan should move in?

The fan should move or rotate in a counterclockwise direction especially for the summer months as it will give the best cooling effects.

  1. How to get the best value for a ceiling fan?

There are various ways you can get the best value on a ceiling fan. Not only on the buying price point but on several steps like looking for energy-efficient fans. Energy-efficient ceiling fans tend to give all-around savings while providing good cooling.

  1. Are four-blade fans better than three-blade fans?

The demand for three-blade fans is more in comparison to the four-blade fans. However, four-blade fans are used in various homes. The performance of the fans is determined not only by the number of blades but also by the motor speed, angle of the blades, and other factors.

  1. Can we install fans at home without professional help?

Yes, you can easily install ceiling fans at home without any professional help these days. The fans come with a minimal level of installation required and can be done with ease. Furthermore, the fans also have an installation guide with it in the box package that will help you.

  1. What is the warranty or support for ceiling fans from the manufacturer?

Generally, ceiling fans come with a warranty of 2 years from most brands. However, some of the brands may offer a 3-year warranty or additional warranty based on registration. It depends according to the brands.

  1. Do ceiling fans come with remote control?

A few brands offer ceiling fans with remote control basis. However, if you want to buy a ceiling fan with a remote control setup you will need to buy high-end ceiling fans.


Ceiling fans are one of the most important home appliances in India. With such excessive length of summer months, ceiling fans are something that helps to navigate those and have a cool time. Ceiling fans have become as much of a necessity as it is home decor. It’s a burgeoning point, but ceiling fans with different visually appealing designs and features are readily available in the market which besides its functionality also makes it a good decor for the home.

Ceiling fans come in different sizes and designs along with various modern-day features like remote control, anti-dust, anti-corrosion, and more. We based our list on the best ceiling fans in terms of performance, value for money, features, and support. We hope you can find your pick on this list.

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