India is undoubtedly a country of extreme summer with temperatures ranging above 35˚ C most time of the year. The effective rip-off to the summer heat is a ceiling fan. Flowing air inside the room makes you feel less heat and better comfort. You can adjust the speed with the regulator to choose an adequate flow for comfort.

A good looking design and a matching colour theme is the priority of buyers when they shopping for a ceiling fan. The trend of aesthetic design is high in demand, and most buyers are prioritizing the appearance of functionality with home appliances. However, it might be a wrong approach during the purchase time.

Well, a simple-looking fan with amazing functionality would be a marvellous choice. When you are looking for a good brand ceiling fan under a budget, being specific with the requirement is more important than the appearance only. If you look for the top-selling ceiling fans in India under 3000 Rs., you can find all the popular and credible brands.

Best Ceiling Fans Under 3000

From Orient to Havells, all the well-commercialized brands are serving a great value to their customers. During the purchase time, the variety can confuse buyers. A deep dive into the key features is essential to make an informed decision. Here is our curated list of the top 10 best ceiling fans in India under 3000 Rs. in 2022 to help you figure out a great product. We have mentioned the famous ceiling fan brands best selling models such as Usha, Luminous, Havells, Orient, Atomberg, V-guard, crompton and more that are available under 3K budget price in India.

Best Buy Ceiling Fan Below 3000 INR

Let’s get started –

1. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

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Usha is a leading manufacturer of ceiling fans, and they are offering a plethora of incredible options to consumers. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan is also a well-made ceiling fan available right under Rs. 3,000, and this fan will is worth checking out for sure.

The primary feature of dust-resistant coating ensures that you have to less worry about maintenance. This fan is available in four impressive colour options, which are Sparkle white, Sparkle gold & brown, Sparkle grey & black, and the last one is Sparkle red & black. All the colour options with a matte finish look amazing in every room.

Coming to functionality, this ceiling fan offers 380RPM with a low power consumption of 85w per hour. The air delivery from this ceiling fan is 240m3/min which can provide you with perfect use. Overall, it is a bang for the buck deal over the other options.

Pros –

  • The Colour choice is impressive.
  • It comes with a two-years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • This fan requires less maintenance and cleaning.
  • Excellent air delivery from 1250mm sized blades.

Cons –

  • No complaints or cons were reported.

2. Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan

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Luminous is getting a positive response in the ceiling fan industry in India, and their Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan is the primary reason behind it. Just below Rs. 3000, you can find this incredible option to meet all your desire and provide a great value for money deal with the appearance and functionality.

In terms of looks, this fan has a modern-looking design to meet with the new aesthetic finishing of every home. This fan is available in impressive colour options, which are Ale brown and Alice white. From a consumer perspective, the colour choice is limited, but both are eye-catchy options for sure.

Functionality wise, this ceiling fan has no competition at this price point. The 1200mm sized blades attached to such a powerful, but energy-efficient motor offers a maximum speed of 350 RPM. The air delivery is 230 m3/min. The maintenance is easy, and you get two years of warranty on the same.

Pros –

  • Choose between two impressive colour options.
  • The fan looks modern, and it is perfect for every theme.
  • The motor is powerful, and you get 230 m3/min air delivery.
  • The fan is backed by two years of warranty.

Cons –

  • Require cleaning on often basis.

3. Havells Pacer 1400mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer 1400mm Ceiling Fan

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For a powerful ceiling fan to bring tornadoes to your room, Havells Pacer 1400mm Ceiling Fan will serve the perfect purpose. This ceiling fan has a powerful motor and it is attached to 1400mm sized blades. Even with large sized blades, you are getting a maximum rotation speed of 400 RPM.

No doubt that you can expect an excellent air delivery that will exceed 300 m3/min. As compared to a regular ceiling fan, this one is powerful and designed for large rooms. There are four different blade sizes available to figure out the best one for your specific requirement.

In terms of appearance, this ceiling fan is a simple-looking option. It is available in three colour options, brown, ivory and white. All the colour options are simple, and there is no fancy design. If you focus on functionality over appearance, this one is the perfect option.

Pros –

  • It has a powerful motor to offer 400 RPM.
  • Choose between four different blade size options.
  • Build quality is top-notch, and the motor is made of copper.
  • Positive reviews regarding durability.

Cons –

  • Make excessive air noise at a maximum rotation speed.

4. Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan

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Orient is one of the premium ceiling fan brands, well-known for their key signature in build quality and durability aspect. Orient fans are perfect for almost every type of requirement, and choosing Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan for its modern looking design will be the best choice.

This ceiling fan is designed by professionals and it is available in four incredible colour options – Azure Blue, Metallica Black Gold, Pearl White or Walnut, and the last one is Topaz Gold. The use of colour combination ensures that this fan will match with every theme to offer the best design.

To the functionality part, this ceiling fan has three blades of 1200mm. The rotation speed offered is 320 RPM. The rotation speed might seem low, but the excellent aerodynamic design of this fan still offer 230 m3/ hour air delivery to offer the best use.

Pros –

  • It is one of the best energy-efficient options.
  • Build quality is impressive, and colour choice is also great.
  • This ceiling fan comes with two years of warranty.
  • Make less noise due to the sturdy build quality of blades.

Cons –

  • No cons were reported.

5. V-Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan

V-Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan

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A ceiling fan with a decorative design ensures that you don’t have to compromise with the décor and colour theme while choosing a ceiling fan. A neutral looking ceiling fan that can meet with almost every colour scheme is V-Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan, and it is a must-checking option.

This ceiling fan is available in only two colour options – Elegant Brown, and Oro Impact. Both colour options look fancy and the blade has a dust-resistant coating also. The best part about choosing this ceiling fan is goodbye to dust. This fan doesn’t come with any dust-resistant claim, but most reviews claim that this fan requires less maintenance.

On the functionality side, this ceiling fan offers a maximum rotation speed of 400 RPM and you can get 240 mâ³/min air delivery. There are five-speed setting options to choose from. Overall, it is a great unit to take into consideration.

Pros –

  • The metallic design looks perfect for every colour scheme.
  • The build quality is sturdy, and this fan looks premium.
  • It comes with a two-years of warranty from V-guard.
  • You will get incredible air-delivery of 240 mâ³/min.

Cons –

  • Few complaints regarding the metallic noise at higher speeds.

6. Atomberg Ozeo Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Ozeo Ceiling Fan

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If you care about functionality over the look, then this remote-controlled ceiling fan from Atomberg will serve you a great value for money deal. How? Atomberg Ozeo ceiling fan has a sweep size of 1200mm, and it offers an incredible air delivery above 230 240 mâ³/min at a lower rotation speed.

It is a myth that higher RPM is necessary, but it is all about the design and fan blades. This fan can offer excellent air delivery with its aerodynamic design. The motor used in this fan is 28w, and it is an energy-efficient ceiling fan. You can use this fan on an inverter, and it will last you three times longer than a regular fan.

The included remote with this ceiling fan allows you to control the speed, and turn on/off the fan. The remote has a maximum range of 20 ft, and it is enough for the ceiling fan. in terms of look and colour, this fan is only available in a single colour option.

Pros –

  • Get an excellent air delivery at lower RPM.
  • Control the fan through the remote from a long distance.
  • This fan has an aerodynamic design, and it sweeps air with less noise.
  • The manufacturer is offering three years of warranty.

Cons –

  • No colour option except for plain brown colour.

7. Crompton E-Save Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Crompton E-Save Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

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Crompton E-Save Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan is a popular option in the remote-controlled fan industry. This fan has a BLDC motor and it is known for excellent energy efficiency, so it ensures that you can save up on electricity bills in an effective manner for sure. There are so many things worth knowing about this fan.

This fan has a sweep size of 1200mm, and this fan can go up to 350 RPM. You get air delivery of 215 CMM, and it is good enough for a small and medium-sized room. The low power motor is offering a ton of performance if you compare it to the other options available online.

Even, this ceiling fan has a 5-stars BEE rating, which ensures that you get excellent energy efficiency. The remote included with the fan has a maximum operating distance of 20 ft, and it feels sufficient even for a large-sized room.

Pros –

  • This ceiling fan offers perfect to use with higher energy efficiency.
  • The build quality is impressive, and the fan looks impressive.
  • The remote control functionality is incredible.
  • A warranty of two years is offered by the manufacturer.

Cons –

  • The colour choice is very limited.

8. Ottomate Ceiling Fan

Ottomate Ceiling Fan

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For the futuristic-looking design, Ottomate Ceiling Fan is one of the best options of all kinds. This ceiling fan is available in four eye-catchy colour options to grab your attention, which is – Champagne Gold, Cool Silver, Otto White and Royal Copper.

In the air delivery section, this ceiling fan is hard to compete with its 245 CMM air delivery. It has a 14 pole powerful motor to provide the best in class usability. At higher speeds, this fan doesn’t make any noise at all, so it seems like an easy to pick option.

The paint used on this fan is dust-resistant and will not catch any dust. The maintenance factor reduces and you are also getting this ceiling fan under Rs. 2,500. Overall opinion falls into the positive category due to such a high number of features.

Pros –

  • This ceiling fan offers world-class air delivery for a lower price point.
  • There are four impressive-looking colour options for every theme.
  • The build quality seems sturdy and this fan also looks premium.
  • The paint coating is dust-resistant to prevent dust collection.

Cons –

  • Few complaints regarding the slow after-sale support network.

9. ZENTAX 1200 mm Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

ZENTAX 1200 mm Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

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In the mid-range price category, the selection of ZENTAX 1200 mm Energy Efficient ceiling fan will be a great choice due to its remote control functionality. This ceiling fan is known for its energy efficiency and BLDC motor.

On the energy efficiency chart, this ceiling fan has a five-star rating. In simple words, you can save up on electricity bills using this fan. The best part is, you are getting a give-years of off-site warranty from this ceiling fan.

In terms of looks, this fan is simple and genuine looking. There are three impressive colour options. If you consider the value for money aspect, this ceiling fan will serve you the best usability.

Pros –

  • A five-years of off-site warranty is wholesome.
  • The colour options are decent and perfect for every home.
  • Control the ceiling fan with remote control up to 20 ft distance.

Cons –

  • Customer support is less responsive and takes time.

10. ONIX Impex AERO PRIME PRO Ceiling Fan


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The last but not the least product in our list of the ceiling fan is ONIX Impex AERO PRIME Pro. It is a three-blade ceiling fan with 1200mm sweeps to ensure a powerful air delivery through the room.

It doesn’t matter that you are buying a ceiling fan for a small, medium or large room, this fan will serve you the best in class usability. There are no colour options available, but the single matte blue colour is enough to meet almost every theme.

The design is eye-catchy and if you can blend it with the theme, there is no better option than this one. The maximum rotation speed offered is 390 RPM which can offer air delivery of 230 CMM.

Pros –

  • The matte finish looks incredible.
  • Offers a higher rotation speed of 390 RPM.
  • The motor is 100% copper, which ensures better durability.

Cons –

  • Few negative reviews regarding higher maintenance.

How To Choose A Budget Ceiling Fan in India

Functionality is more important than anything else during the purchase of the home and kitchen appliances. Keeping the functionality on top of every other feature would be optimal. Here are the top 7 factors that you must check during the purchase time –

⇒ 1. Rotation Speed ( In RPM)

Any rotating object’s speed is calculated in rotation per minute. For a ceiling fan, higher RPM will result in a better flow of air inside the room. Manufacturers mention RPM in the description section to help you learn about what to expect.

An affordable ceiling fan can easily offer you rotation speed up to 370 RPM with three fan blades. Higher rotation speed with the extra number of blades means higher airflow, which certainly makes difference. You can have better comfort while having your cup of coffee.

2. Air Delivery

Manufacturer mention the air delivery in the CMM unit. CMM stands for Cubic Meter per minute. Similar to RPM, a higher CMM value will result in better airflow. You can skip on every other factor and consider the air delivery numbers to ensure the best buy.

Most ceiling fans offer air delivery up to 250 CMM. If you go with a genuine brand, you can find that the air delivery of that product will be optimal for small and medium-sized rooms. It also ensures a better overall experience during the use of a ceiling fan.

3. Number of Blades and Size

Most ceiling fans in India have three 1200mm blades. Coming to point, 1200mm sized blades with 370 RPM speed with three blades are adequate for almost every room. However, the design also plays an important role in the purchase.

If you go with a ceiling fan that has four blades and similar RPM, then this fan will be bringing tornados to your room. Just kidding, but you can expect a lot of air flowing through the room and eradicating any sweating issues.

Choosing the size of a ceiling fan blade is easier. For a small-sized place like kitchen and Bathroom, you can find 600mm, and 800mm ceiling fans are reliable. For the bedroom, patio and such other places, you can choose between 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm options.

4. Colour and Texture

There are three colours in high demand in India which are Brown, Ivory and White. These colour options look great for almost every place that’s why you can find every brand offering these options. If you want to choose the right colour, you must consider that which colour contrast is used in your room or home’s theme.

For the texture, you can find that ceiling fans are available in glossy, matte and such other finishes. Well, glossy looks great but it is prone to dust. Manufacturers offer dust-resistant coating on the ceiling fan to prevent dust collection. There will be less maintenance to worry about.

5. Motor and Energy Efficiency Rating

The copper motor is rotating the ceiling fan and if the motor is weak in terms of power, it will not survive the summer season. Always choose a copper motor over the other option because it is way more durable and serves the perfect usability in terms of energy efficiency also.

In India, every appliance has a star rating and it is given out of five. If a ceiling fan is rated with a 5-stars rating, you can save up on electricity bills by a significant amount. Choosing ceiling fans with a higher rating ensure that you are going to buy the best in class product.

6. Cost and Feedback

Always ensure that you have the budget decided. If you are buying a ceiling fan under Rs. 3000, you can find a range of excellent options from Havells, Orient, Bajaj and other brands. To figure out the best in class product, always stick to the decided budget so that you don’t end up getting confused.

By checking out feedback regarding the product, you can know about previous buyers’ experiences. Learning about flaws with the ceiling fan working, durability, maintenance, and brand’s customer support becomes easier. You can finally buy the right product by this method and short-list all the bad options with ease.

7. Manufacturer

A well-known ceiling fan manufacturer like Havells, Orient, Bajaj, Usha etc. can serve you a quality product. Reputed brands have credible customer support and a reliable after-sale services network. You can also expect a long term warranty on the product from popular brands.


In the intense variety of ceiling fans under Rs. 3000, the purchase is not going to be easy and it is certainly tricky to land on a quality product. The best possible solution is to know the need before finalizing a specific model. We hope, this list of top 10 best ceiling fans under rs. 3000 in India in 2021 will help you buy the best in class product with ease.

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