In India our kitchens and bathrooms, exhaust fans have become a need for air ventilation. These fans are crucial for eliminating odors in areas with limited airflow.

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#1 Luminous Exhaust Fan#2 Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan #3 Lifelong 250mm Exhaust Fan
Luminous Vento DeluxeUsha Crisp Air 200mm exhaust fanLifelong 250mm Exhaust Fan
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They also aid in the reduction of atmospheric humidity. It aids in the enhancement of air quality. It helps to keep the air in your kitchen and bathrooms fresh. People have realized the need for fresh air, and these fans are now widely utilized at home.

Exhaust fans help safeguard family members from airborne ailments by removing all harmful air from bathrooms and kitchens. Both bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans perform the same function. The hot, humid air gets replaced by fresh air through exhaust blowers.

Exhaust fans draw the hot air out of a tiny space, allowing fresh air to flow in through a vent or door. The hot, humid air drawn in by an exhaust fan is blasted out of your bathroom or kitchen via a ducting system. These fans get commonly seen in the kitchen and bathroom.

Exhaust Fans in India

Some new exhaust fans for kitchen and bathroom have sensors that detect steam and unpleasant odors and activate themselves to wash out the bad air and replace it with nice and fresh air. The remote control can get used to operating many of the exhaust fans. An exhaust fan becomes more user-friendly as a result of this. You can also adjust the exhaust fan’s speed to suit your needs. Many exhaust fans have speed options, allowing you to customize the settings to meet your needs.

Best Buy Exhaust Fans Online In India

The following is a list of India’s top ten exhaust fans for bathroom and kitchen to help you to find the which exhaust fan is best for your home. A thorough breakdown of the Features, Pros, and disadvantages are available below. You’ll get a better impression of the product’s overall features this way, and you can also visit the product page using the link provided next to each product for more information.

The following are some of the best selling exhaust fans for kitchen & bathroom in India:

1. Luminous Exhaust Fan 10 Inch (250 mm) Blades

Luminous Vento Deluxe

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It’s from Luminous, which is a trustworthy brand in the Indian market. It is the best exhaust fan for kitchen which includes a high-quality, long-lasting motor with copper windings that allows it to operate even in low-voltage situations.

The Vento Deluxe is a fashionable fan that keeps your home cool and matches settings like kitchens, conference rooms, and other AC cabins. Quality assurance, attractive appearance, and effective operation are all significant features of luminous exhaust fans. Overall it is one of the best exhaust fan for your kitchen window.

The fan also benefits from a more conical breeze spray throughout the corners of the room. The design is also good to use in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even office. The fan’s high sweep makes sure the fan doesn’t feel powered at all times.

Even with low voltages, maximum performance. A room with a greater conical spread of airflow in all directions. Reduced temperature rise due to increased air delivery. High-quality raw materials get used in the making of this product. The air is kept clean and fresh by powerful air suction.

The fan has a maximum speed of 1300 RPM and a sweep of 250 mm. The fan is 40 watts and delivers 720 CMH of air. Plastic gets used for the body, which also incorporates an auto-closing guard. It is available in white.


  • A year’s warranty gets included.
  • Even in low-voltage situations, this product performs admirably.
  • It has a rust-resistant and easy-to-clean plastic body.


  • Increase your power consumption. Increase your energy consumption.
  • When used in the kitchen, the fan runs slowly in comparison to expectations.

2. Usha Crisp Air 200mm exhaust fan

Usha Crisp Air 200mm exhaust fan

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Usha has always promised users unique and special products, being one of the most trusted brands in our electrical equipment and used in our home. It is one of the country’s most popular models, and the best thing is that it comes in a variety of packaging options. The Usha Crisp Air 200mm Exhaust Fan is a new addition to the exhaust fan line. It is one of such items available on the market and known for the best exhaust fan for kitchen in India.

The product comes with a 2-year warranty to allow it to get replaced in the event of any fabrication defects. The power consumption in your bathrooms and kitchens is low and an efficient option for you.

In a single pack, you can get anywhere from 1 to 6 fans. All of which have an automatic shutter. They are well-designed and, most importantly, noiseless. You may easily install it in your kitchen or bathroom, and the quality and efficiency of this fan are unquestionable. This fan is in the mid-range in terms of pricing, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on it.


  • If the weather outside becomes severe and the exhaust fan gets turned off, the shutters allow dirt and dust to enter the room. This product comes with an automated shutter that closes when not in use, which is a godsend in such situations.
  • It’s small and convenient to transport.
  • The fan makes no noise when in use, making it a quiet product.


The suction force is insufficient; the smoke does not escape from the kitchen, filling the home with smoke.

3. Lifelong 250mm Exhaust Fan

Lifelong 250mm Exhaust Fan

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The Exhaust Fan is a reliable device that provides excellent value. With our energy-efficient exhaust fan, ventilate the space and remove the odorous, stale air. We make sure you’re germ-free. Dedicated customers have put their faith in it for more than five years.With over 100 new goods in the category, it’s no surprise that Lifelong continues to be the preferred choice of millions of clients!

The five-year-old online firm offers products in home, cooking, grooming, health, and fitness. Lifelong has over one million happy customers and offers high-quality items at low prices.

Installation is simple, and the operation is quiet, making it ideal in bathrooms, air-conditioned cabins, and conference rooms. The exhaust fan is a study because of its compact form. It includes a plastic body and pleasant aesthetics.

It has a Warranty for a 1 Year Brand. It has a Compact design and aesthetics plastic body – guaranteed the fan’s longevity. It has a power consumption of up to 22 watts energy efficiency. It has a 2001 High RPM. It is easy to use installation and quiet operations in bathrooms, air conditioning units, and conference rooms.

The Exhaust Fan is a reliable device that provides excellent value. With their energy-efficient exhaust fan, ventilate the space and clear out the odorous, stale air.


  • The device is of excellent quality and is overall silent.
  • It has air suction.
  • The product is reasonable in pricing.


The fan blade is loose and falls out when it is running.

4. HavellsVentil air DB 300mm Exhaust Fan

HavellsVentil air DB 300mm Exhaust Fan

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In today’s metropolitan world, breathing fresh air is essential to good health. It is critical to ensure that the living space you occupy has adequate ventilation so that you may breathe fresh all of the time. You can feel assured that air will get replenished with this powerful exhaust fan from Havells.

Exhaust fans get a need in every home since we use them in our kitchens to exhaust gases and heat to the outdoors. The Havells Ventilair DB exhaust fan offers an excellent balance of durability and performance. This Havells exhaust fan features a twin ball bearing system and a heavy-duty motor for exceptional performance. It allows it to quickly and efficiently remove heat and hot air from your kitchen and dissipate it outside. Its sturdy construction ensures that it will continue to perform flawlessly for a long time, and it is also simple to clean.

The Havells kitchen exhaust fan is a handy home item that is both efficient and long-lasting. It contains a bird guard feature that keeps birds out of your house while the fan isn’t working. This kitchen exhaust fan uses only 70 watts of power and may operate all day without consuming a lot of energy. This exhaust fan is an excellent addition to your kitchen or other rooms that need ventilation because of its durable performance and affordable pricing.


  • It’s from a well-known brand’s stable.
  • The most popular exhaust fan.
  • Excellent airflow rate


The motor housing is held together by rubber bushings that are of poor quality and melt.

5. Usha Aeroclean 230mm exhaust fan

UshaAeroclean 230mm exhaust fan

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Usha has long been one of the most trusted names in our home’s electrical appliances, promising users the most valuable items at all times. The Usha Aeroclean 230mm exhaust fan is one of the most recent entrants to the exhaust fan industry.

These special lacquer-coated exhaust fan blades collect less dust and can get cleaned in one swipe. These exhaust fans’ blades get coated with a unique lacquer that repels grease, making them incredibly easy to clean.It comes with a two-year warranty, which allows it to get replaced if there are any manufacturing flaws.

Unlike regular exhaust fans, which require the addition of chemicals and then intense scrubbing, Aeroclean Exhaust Fans may get quickly cleaned with a moist cloth. These fans are less susceptible to scratching and staining while cleaning because they are resistant to oil, dust, and moisture.

Suction is strong thanks to the aerodynamically shaped blades. The blades smoothly disperse odors while also assisting in the removal of excess moisture from the space. Long-lasting freshness gets ensured by a robust 100 percent copper motor that runs smoothly and efficiently.


  • If the weather outside becomes severe and the exhaust fan gets turned off, the shutters allow dirt and dust to enter the room. This product comes with an automated shutter that closes when not in use, which is a godsend in such situations.
  • It’s small and convenient to transport.
  • The fan makes no noise when in use, making it a quiet product.


It has a very light-duty motor.

6. Crompton Greaves Exhaust Fan

Fan of exhaust 300mm Crompton Greaves trans air

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Crompton is a well-known brand that has produced several excellent goods. Crompton Greaves trans air 300mm exhaust fan is one of the items in their portfolio. That is a product that you will not be sorry to purchase. It keeps you and your family healthy and active by ensuring appropriate air circulation in your house. So, without further ado, go out and grab this product before it sells out.This fan is one of the best-selling products in India.

This exhaust fan is appropriate for use in bathrooms and kitchens. It’s a high-powered ventilation fan that removes all odors from your bathroom and kitchen in a matter of minutes. This exhaust fan’s sleek and exquisite design adds beauty and charm to your lovely decor. Because it is lightweight, you may quickly move to a different location without causing any inconvenience or stress. It is also rust-proof, making it extremely long-lasting.

It’s made of plastic and contains razor-sharp plastic blades. The fan rotates at a speed of 2730 RPM, which is ideal for optimum airflow. This fan delivers 460 cubic feet per minute of air. The product gets covered by a two-year warranty. It uses 50 watts of electricity.


  • It protects the exhaust fan from corrosion by avoiding any corrosive elements.
  • It aids in crucial airflow, allowing fresh air to enter your space rapidly.
  • This company provides exceptional customer service.


Even though the Crompton website advertises it to get a switch-mode reversible model, it is not a reversible fan.

7. Bajaj maxio 150mm exhaust fan

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Bajaj is an Indian company that has improved its technology to provide the best products to its clients. For a long time, Bajaj has been a forerunner in the field of electric appliances. The fact that it offers promising items is also a cause for its long-term viability.

The Bajaj Maxio 150 mm Exhaust Fan is a high-quality product with an attractive design. It will enhance the appearance of your bathrooms and kitchen. When it comes to its features, they are unrivaled, allowing this fan to outperform competitors.

With a low energy usage of only 21 watts, it saves electricity and thus your money. This exhaust fan is constructed of high-quality plastic, extending its lifespan. It also contributes to the body’s lightness.

Bajaj Fans has something for every home, workplace, and business area. It gets noted for speed and style. Ceiling, pedestal, wall, table, exhaust, and industrial fans are all available. Our premium and energy-efficient lines provide world-class performance and breathtaking aesthetics. We also have something for the kids, such as our specifically designed Disney fans, which will bring a smile to any child’s face. So get some Bajaj Fans for your home today.

The stylish design seamlessly blends in with the décor of your kitchen. The stainless steel body of the exhaust fan provides long-lastingness. It gets designed so that it is lightweight and can fit wherever you wish. It’s great for the bathroom.


  • It’s corrosion-free, so it’ll last a long time.
  • The blades of the fan get concealed.


Because there isn’t any air movement, there is essentially no exhaust.

8. Atomerg studio 150mm exhaust fan

Atomerg studio 150mm exhaust fan

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Exhaust fans from Atomberg’s Studio line are ideal for bathrooms. The air in your bathroom is always clean and fresh to our fans. The ABS body is resistant to corrosion (and blades). Because of the frequency of usage, the BLDC Motor ensures quiet and efficient functioning. Because of its smooth functioning, the fan can even get utilized in AC cabins and conference rooms.

Atomberg is a brand that has consistently ranked among India’s top brands. Their outstanding performance and high-quality output are well-received throughout the industry. Atomberg Studio is a white bathroom exhaust fan that excels in terms of performance and durability. The BLDC motor built within the device ensures maximum efficiency and performance.

The energy consumes a minimum voltage of 6.5 watts, and a maximum output of 140 volts is necessary. It gets loaded with flaps, which prevent insects from entering the window of the bathroom. It operates in silence and gets ergonomically designed. The engine is made of 100% pure copper due to a high airflow rate of RPM around 2000.For making the body of the exhaust, high-quality ABS plastic gets used. That ensures durability and increases the aesthetic characteristics.

For the body of the exhaust, high-quality ABS plastic gets employed. That increases the longevity of the product while also improving its appearance. It has a rust-resistant body and blades.


  • It features a trendy and contemporary appearance.
  • It includes a DLDC fan.
  • It has a rust-resistant body.


Because the fan speed is so low, the air suction is also very low.

9. Bajaj bahar 225mm exhaust fan

Bajaj bahar 225mm exhaust fan

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Bajaj Electricals is one of India’s most well-known Consumer Products and EPC firms. They are also well-represented in the premium home appliance and cookware markets.

Bajaj Fans has something for every home, workplace, and business area. It gets noted for speed and style. Ceiling, pedestal, wall, table, exhaust, and industrial fans are all available. Our premium and energy-efficient lines provide world-class performance and breathtaking aesthetics. We also have something for the kids, such as our specifically designed Disney fans, which will bring a smile to any child’s face. So get some Bajaj Fans for your home today.

The body of this fan gets built of hefty, sturdy metal, which extends its lifespan. A coat of powder finish gets applied to give it a more polished appearance. Exhaust fans get designed to move air, and this one does a great job at it, with a flow rate of 600 CMH. This fan can blow air out at a speed of 1400 RPM thanks to its 225 mm sweep size. This fan can also run on 42 W of low voltage power. As a result, it conserves energy. The Bajaj Bahar exhaust fan has a rust-proof metal body. It not only ensures its longevity but also ensures that it performs efficiently.These fans are simple to install on a glass surface. These are also manufactured lightweight for this purpose.


  • This fan has a lower consumption rate of energy.
  • This fan a very high speed.


Suction power should get increased following Price/Quality.

10. V-Guard clado 6exhaust fan

V-Guard clado 6exhaust fan

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In its attempt to reach every nook and corner of the country, V-Guard has a network of distributors, direct salespeople, retailers, and service centers. Looking ahead, V-Guard will strive every day to remain relevant and aspiring to a world that grows younger. The goal is to understand the relationship between human life and the tools and devices used and provide a smooth experience of carefully crafted products to enrich consumer lives.At V-Guard, strict quality control procedures are performed at all levels to guarantee that goods and processes are of the highest quality, have excellent design, and work optimally.

The 6 V-Guard Clado is sleekly designed in white to help you eliminate smoke, fumes, unwanted gases, and smells from your homes. With 9 ABS 15cm plastic blades and a strong copper motor, Clado 6 delivers 1900 rpm high velocity with a power consumption of only 22W and allows for use. You won’t have to worry about power consumption anymore with the energy-efficient V-Guard Clado 6.The operation is both quiet and bright. Copper motor with ABS construction lasts a long time. Blades have an aerodynamic design.


  • It works at a high rate.
  • It saves a lot of energy.
  • It may get mounted on both the wall and the glass.


It has a low suction capacity.

How To Choose The Best Exhaust Fan in India

What is the best remedy to the situation, in your opinion? What about air fresheners? Diffusers? These items may cover the odor, but they are by no means the ideal answer to the problem. The answer is to install exhaust fans in both the bathroom and the kitchen.

The exhaust fan can assist you in removing stale air and replacing it with fresh air. When you employ an exhaust fan, odor and moisture get also removed from the room or house. As a result, the exhaust fan will not only disguise but also fully erase all.

Some people have ducts placed in their bedrooms so that an exhaust fan can get installed there. In the heat, exhaust fans can help to improve air conditioning. When you use the exhaust before turning on the air conditioner, the warm air is removed from the room, allowing the air conditioner to perform more efficiently.

If you do not already have an exhaust fan, you should consider installing one because the process is inexpensive and takes a few minutes. Exhaust fans come in styles, including those with back covers that keep insects and dust out.

We have gathered and listed on this single page all the possible information, so you don’t have to browse several pages to know more about the best exhaust fans on the market.

There are thousands of exhaust fan brands available in India, and each brand has a variety of goods, but how do you choose the perfect exhaust fan for you? To select the best exhaust fan, all you have to do is understand your requirements and be aware of the aspects that may influence your decision. Check out the purchase guide below to have a better understanding.

→ 1. Count of Blades

There are many different types of exhaust fans, with the big difference being the number of blades. There are exhaust fans with as little as two blades and as many as five blades.You can go for the ones with blades because they will perform effectively at low RPM and will be very effective at eradicating odors.

2. Airflow

Your kitchen or bathroom would need a particular amount of airflow to get enough ventilation from your exhaust fan. So, first, determine the airflow for your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, and then hunt for a fan that supports that airflow.

3. Cleaning

It is advisable to purchase an exhaust fan that can get cleaned quickly and easily. Many exhaust fans are available on the market that performs admirably but is incredibly difficult to clean. As a result, search for an exhaust fan that is both efficient and simple to clean.

4. Composition of the Blades

When we talk about blade composition, we’re talking about the material that makes up the blade. You’ll come across blades composed of both plastic and metal. Plastic ones are far more durable, as they will not break. Plastic blades do not get old and are also inexpensive to replace, so they get our vote.Metal or plastic blades get used. Bathroom exhaust fans do not require more characteristics such as preventing combustibles from accumulating, etc.Metal blades are long-lasting, although they are prone to rust and are somewhat heavy. Plastic blades are lightweight, cost-effective.

5. Noise

Some exhaust fans with powerful motors can be noisy, causing problems for the rest of the household. We’re sure you don’t want to find yourself in this predicament, so look at the noise level of the fan you’re considering buying. That will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the best fan for your home.The Sones value can help you determine whether the sound is tolerable or not. A value range of 1 to 2 is acceptable. If the figures are less than one, it is always advisable to choose that product.

6. Assembly Size

When it comes to exhaust fans, a one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate. You must be aware of the assembly size that will fit in your wall or duct. There are various size alternatives available. Determine the suitable size for your fan and purchase accordingly; otherwise, your buy may not be worthwhile, and you may get forced to return the item. It’s best to double-check the size requirements with a professional electrician.

Exhaust fan Size is the most crucial element to evaluate before moving on to other qualities. There are numerous size alternatives available, and selecting the most appropriate size is critical for achieving quality efficiency.It gets determined by the size of the exhaust wall as well as the size of the bathroom. These measures get usually taken in ‘Cubic Feet per Metre’ (CFM). It would be preferable to hire an electrician for the job.

7. Capacity in cubic feet per minute

The capacity of the airflow per minute gets expressed in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. A fan with a good CFM and a sweep size of 200 to 300 is better. These exhaust fans have CFMs of 50 to 100 and sweep sizes of 200 to 300. As a general rule, the larger the number, the better; however, you can choose based on the size of the space. If you have a small kitchen, the reduced capacity will suffice, but efficiency will suffer.

8. Outside Protection

External guards have become one of the most significant characteristics of exhaust fans in recent years. The exhaust fan must get equipped with an external guard. The outdoor guard will also keep dust out of the house. Fans with automatic exterior protection can get found here.

9. Colors and Design

You should pay great attention to the design and color of the exhaust fan because it will get installed inside your home. We’re sure you don’t want to buy something that looks truly bad, so check out the colors and make sure they complement your decor. You can find exhaust fans that are both stylish and do not detract from the ambiance of your kitchen or bathroom. The models with a plastic body cover have a good appearance.

10. Consumption of energy

Check for power consumption, as this will influence the exhaust fan’s efficiency. It makes sense to invest in hard exhaust fans to increase their effectiveness, but there will be a trade-off between power usage and fan power.

11. Budget

The budget is unquestionably crucial. You must first establish a budget and then look for models inside that budget. There are many mid-range products on the market, and it makes sense to check them out during the sale time because you will be able to purchase the same thing at a lower price. So, before you begin shopping for exhaust fans on the market, make a budget.

12. Attractiveness

You’ll want to find a fan that fits in with your bathroom and kitchen decor. You do not require a black box to be installed anyplace in your bathroom or kitchen.

13. Type of mounting

Exhaust fans can get installed in a variety of ways. They can get put on the wall, on the outside, or on the ceiling. Fans that get installed on the wall can get positioned in almost any place. Outside fans can get installed almost anywhere. Outside, they are the source of all the noise. Ceiling fans get commonly found in kitchens. They increase airflow through the ceiling ventilation system.

14. Control of Speed

Search for an exhaust fan where the fan speed can be specified as required. It’s not necessary to always run the fan at full speed. So if you find it to adjust speed, it’s helpful to set the fan according to your choice.

15. Using a remote control

The remote control is a feature that allows you to use a remote to control all of the exhaust fan’s operations. An exhaust fan becomes more user-friendly as a result of this. As a result, it’s critical to look for a fan that can get controlled remotely.

16. Warranty

The second item to look into is the warranty of the products. You should seek a product that has a one-year guarantee at the very least.You may also come across devices that come with a two-year warranty, but you may have to pay a premium for it. Overall, we advise you to stay away from products that do not come with a warranty.

17. Brand

It is the final item in our buying guide, and as a matter of thumb, only buy exhaust fans from reputable brands. If you choose a low-quality brand, you can end up with a fire hazard. Pay close attention to the brand’s market value before making your decision.

We are confident that if you consider the variables given above, you will be able to pick the perfect exhaust fan for your bathroom or kitchen. Based on the elements described above, you must be selective and understand your needs.

Exhaust Fan Frequently Asked Questions

⊗ 1. What is the price range of an exhaust fan?

A fan’s price is related to the number of fan blades and the type of material used in its construction. Exhaust fan prices are also influenced by the fan’s phase and fan speed. See what options there are for fans online and pick one that’s right for you.

⊗ 2. What are the different sizes of an exhaust fan?

The dimensions of exhaust fans vary. The dimensions of the housing can vary between models. To ensure uniformity, the ducts are all the same size. A 4-inch or 6-inch duct can be found on most exhaust fans.

⊗ 3. How long should you leave an exhaust fan on?

As soon as you switch on the water in the shower or bath, turn on the fan. To finish off your bath, turn on the fan and let it run continuously for around 20 minutes. Keeping your bathroom dry and mold-free is a great benefit of this.

⊗ 4. How much electricity does an exhaust fan consume?

The amount of electricity an exhaust fan consumes depends on a variety of factors, including the no. of hours it is run, the size of the space it needs to ventilate, and any additional features it may have. It’s important to keep in mind that an older exhaust fan will use more power.

⊗ 5. Do exhaust fans remove humidity or cool the room?

An exhaust fan removes odors and humidity resulting in a dry, fresh air environment. Mold can grow in the restroom and spread to other parts of the house due to the accumulation of hot, moist air. The exhaust fan could also help in cooling the house in certain circumstances.


Exhaust fans are a crucial and effective appliance that must be present for proper ventilation. It aids in more efficient air ventilation and circulation.

We have therefore researched a great deal and found the top ten products for you. We also have an integrated purchasing guide to help you find different characteristics in a product. If you wonder how a fan works, we’ve got a section in the article for that as well. In short, this article has everything you can know about when purchasing a fan.

The features displayed by this exhaust fan are adequate to convince you to purchase it. On e-commerce websites, it has a high consumer rating. When purchasing an exhaust fan, the variety of options can be overwhelming.

That was all about the exhaust suppliers, and we are sure you have all the information needed to invest in a good exhaust supplier now. Before you finish the products for your home, do not forget to check the purchasing guide. During the current sales, you can check out available models, and we are sure that you will also find crucial offers to save money.

Don’t wait longer. Check out today’s deals for your favorite product.

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