In India power outage is a common issue we can find now and then. The most common solution to tackle this problem, for now, is to use inverters. You can spend a hefty amount (usually above 15,000 Rs.) to get a decent solution for your home.

A battery inverter might be a great solution, but it is not made for all. Spending such a significant amount on temporary power outages is the less practical choice for many. So, what could be the perfect solution for you? A rechargeable fan (battery operated fans) with decent battery backup. The market is flooded with many excellent rechargeable fans, which can serve the need.

Our Top Picks

#1 Geek Aire 4 Inch Rechargeable Mini Fan
#2 Rico Japanese Technology Rechargeable Fan
 #3 SMARTDEVIL Small Desk Fan
Geek Aire 4 Inch Rechargeable Mini Fan Rico 12 inches Japanese Technology Rechargeable Fan SMARTDEVIL Small Desk Fan
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A rechargeable fan works on a small battery, which can offer at least three hours of run time. You can sleep comfortably during the night even though the power outage is for more than an hour. A good quality rechargeable fan offers the option to charge at a faster rate and provides you with good airflow so you can sleep easily.

The common issue regarding the electricity power cut is during the summer season when the temperature is between 30˚-40˚ C in most regions. Having a rechargeable fan provides you relief and let you do the work with ease. From working inside the kitchen to studying, a rechargeable fan is a must-buy for almost everyone. The rechargeable fans price in India are different according to products quality and brands.

Best Rechargeable Fans In India

Best Quality Rechargeable Fans In India

After searching for a wide number of options and comparing them, we curated a list of the top 10 best selling rechargeable fans in India. Let’s have a look –

1. Geek Aire 4 Inch Rechargeable Mini Fan

Geek Aire 4 Inch Rechargeable Mini Fan

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A rechargeable fan that comes with all the essential features in one place at an affordable price point is Geek Aire 4 Inch Rechargeable Mini Fan. It is a well-made product of choice among buyers due to its sleek and simple design. There are two things which might grab your attention also.

First of all, there is a charging light indicator along with the capacity indicator. Having the option to know battery percentage make things easier and you can charge the fan in advance. Second thing is, superior power offered by this mini fan. Even though there is a small motor inside this fan, it can still offer a five-speed option.

Using this fan is easy and you can place it on any surface without any problem. The fan is portable and lightweight which make things easier and quicker for most people. You can charge this fan with a normal micro-USB cable. The 2600 mAh battery doesn’t take much time in charging and it will suit almost every need of most buyers.

Pros –

  • The looks of the fan are nice and it feels eye-catchy in almost every home.
  • The build quality feels premium and the in-hand feel is also overwhelming.
  • Charges at a high speed due to the small but efficient 2600 mAh battery.
  • The fan is easy to use with the large handle and you get an excellent grip.

Cons –

  • The fan is slightly noisy.

2. Rico 12 inches Japanese Technology Rechargeable Fan

Rico 12 inches Japanese Technology Rechargeable Fan

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Going to the higher budget category, Rico might seem like a credible brand to go after. This brand is widely popular for its premium class products and Rico 12 inches Japanese Technology Rechargeable fan is one of the best you can buy in this price category. Why? This fan has many quirky features which are the best of all kinds.

The fan itself is made of Japanese technology and the manufacturer is focusing on creating higher efficiency from the small battery. There is a powerful motor speeding up the fan to higher speeds within seconds and you can expect a great airflow. While using this fan, you will be able to get excellent usability.

The fan itself weighs below 2500gm and it is still lightweight enough to use anywhere in the home. Two different speed settings provide you with an excellent battery backup of 4 hours on the low-speed setting and 2 hours on the higher speed setting. This fan takes less than two hours to charge completely.

Pros –

  • Fan charges at a faster speed which makes it excellent for emergency hours.
  • The build quality of the fan, its body and the in-hand feel is premium here.
  • The weight of the fan is 2.5kg and it is less than other models which are offering the same features.
  • The fan is offering excellent battery backup and the two-speed setting is excellent.

Cons –

  • Few negative reviews regarding the battery durability.

3. WOZIT Powerful Rechargeable Desk Table Fan

WOZIT Powerful Rechargeable Desk Table Fan

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In case you are looking for a versatile table fan of choice and want to get all the necessary functionality for a lower price, WOZIT Powerful Rechargeable Desk Table Fan will never disappoint you. This powerful rechargeable fan is made of a sturdy but lightweight plastic body which offers excellent portability.

The rotating fan blade is 8 inches and it is good enough for one person. Whether you are studying or working on the desk, having this rechargeable fan right next to you will never make you sweat at all. The airflow is good enough to make you feel better while working. You can also choose between different speed settings.

This table fan offers a battery backup of 7 hours. This fan doesn’t make any noise at all and you can use it for almost anything. The design is simple and you are also getting the side functionality at the same time. There are small LEDs inside this fan that will illuminate the table adequately that’s why you can find it perfect for several purposes.

Pros –

  • Provides excellent battery backup of 7 hours without any problem.
  • Charges at a faster speed and it also come with a charger.
  • The price is affordable if you consider all the features of this fan.
  • The fan is small, compact and lightweight so you can get great portability.
  • LED provides enough light to study or work during a power outage.

Cons –

  • Few buyers claimed that the fan doesn’t offer the mentioned battery backup.

4. SMARTDEVIL Small Desk Fan


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Are you willing to buy an amazing looking desk fan and want to buy a small one? Well, the SMARTDEVIL brand heard you and they are back with their new rechargeable fan. This time, SMARTDEVIL Small Desk Fan is one of the popular choices among buyers and it could be a perfect deal if you like the key features.

First of all, this fan has a blade size of 8 inches which pushes air at an excellent speed. The airflow is smooth and there is a negligible amount of noise. If you like these features, you will also love the fact that this fan charges at a higher speed and take less than two hours in complete charging which make things easier in many ways.

The fan looks awesome due to its matt-black finish. There is a power indicator as well as a speed indicator. You can choose three different speed settings while using this fan and you can expect greater use over the other options. Overall opinion regarding this products falls into the positive category due to all the positive reviews.

Pros –

  • The build seems sturdy and having 8 inches fan provides great airflow.
  • The design is simple but looks elegant due to the matt-black finish.
  • Battery charging time is less than 2 hours and the backup is 12 hours.
  • Choose between four different speed settings and get great use.
  • The product is durable as most buyers have a positive review regarding the same.

Cons –

  • Slightly expensive if you consider the fan size.

5. Globex 8-Inch Rechargeable Table Fan

Globex 8-Inch Rechargeable Table Fan

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When it comes to the purchase of a well-designed and lightweight rechargeable fan, going with the purchase of a Globex 8-Inch Rechargeable Table Fan seems like the best option. Why so? Well, if you want the best product for excellent airflow then this weird looking rechargeable fan will be a prominent choice.

Even though the design looks slightly different from the other options, it still is a powerful fan to choose from. The motor is good enough to provide a genuine airflow throughout the bed or a large table. The stand on this table fan sits perfectly on the table, bed, and next to a foldable bed.

The small fans rotating at higher speed provides the perfect blow of air and you will be having excellent use. There is a small LED that provides you with enough light to read, write and work. This light can also work as an emergency light during a power outage. The overall configuration of features for this less price point make this table fan perfect.

Pros –

  • Higher quality PVC plastic is used in the manufacturing of this fan.
  • Airflow is remarkably good and offers perfect usability for a large bed.
  • This fan can be used for several purposes so it seems excellently versatile.
  • The battery backup of 4 hours for this small fan make things interesting.
  • The configuration of all the important features for a lower price ensures the best buy.

Cons –

  • Few buyers reported that this fan makes excessive noise at higher speed settings.

6. Impex BREEZE-D1 Rechargeable Table Fan

Impex BREEZE-D1 Rechargeable Table Fan

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When it comes to choosing a reliable rechargeable table fan, then Breeze D1 Rechargeable Fan might bring you the joy of both worlds. It is a versatile table fan and it is made of quality material to offer you an excellent value for money deal. This fan can run at higher speeds as well as lower speed settings to provide excellent use during a power outage.

The second important feature of this rechargeable fan is fast charging. This small but simple feature ensures a better experience for most users. You can run this rechargeable fan for more than five hours at higher speed settings and get rid of summer heat. A power outage might be a big issue but having this small fan will get you out of all the problems.

Moving forward to the durability and reviews factor, we looked at some of the top reviews to learn about any existing flaws. So far, we couldn’t find anything else than a poor battery lifespan after one year of use. Usually, the batteries inside these fans are cheap and you can get them replaced at a lower cost. Overall usability seems adequate considering these features.

Pros –

  • One of the best designs for such a lower price point to ensure a better value for money deal.
  • The build is acceptable for the price point and it feels sturdy even the fan is at high speed.
  • The compact size and easy to carry design provides excellent portability for most purpose.
  • There is a small LED to provide plenty of light and great use without any problem.

Cons –

  • Few buyers have reported issues with the battery’s lifespan.
  • The fan does make some weird noise while running at higher speed settings.

7. Adonai Rechargeable Multifunction Folding fan

Adonai Rechargeable Multifunction Folding fan

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A rechargeable fan that can rotate 360˚ and has a folding mechanism can prove beneficial for many uses. Thus, choosing an Adonai Rechargeable Multifunction Folding fan will be a perfect choice, if you want a small, lightweight, easy to carry and powerful fan. This fan does have a rechargeable battery and it takes less than two hours in full charge.

Using this fan at full speed provides an adequate amount of airflow to give you a breath of relief during a power outage. The baby pink colour of this fan looks pretty and this fan will go with almost every theme. There is a power button and a small knob to increase or decrease the speed. This is a small fan and using it while studying, or working on a table seems adequate.

Do you know what’s more adequate than the speed? The compact-sized format of this multifunctional folding fan. The fan itself is lightweight even with the battery and carrying it while travelling is also possible. Many people carry folding fans while going on a picnic to make their experience richer with memories.

Pros –

  • Folding functionality enhances the overall portability benefit.
  • It is a 360˚ rotating fan, which means you can expect better usability.
  • The knob works perfectly to adjust the power and get excellent use.
  • The fan works in AC and DC volt, which mean you can run with power as well as on battery.
  • The rechargeable fan is backed by one month of warranty by the manufacturer.

Cons –

  • Build quality is concerning as the material of choice is slightly less premium.

8. Sun King Pedestal foldable fan

Sun King Pedestal fan

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One of the most liked designs in the rechargeable fan category is a foldable fan. In this intense variety of rechargeable fans, Sun King Pedestal foldable fan is one of the great choices. This fan has a pedestal design, which means that you can use this fan like a normal pedestal fan during power cuts.

The second benefit of using this fan is the overall functionality. You can choose between different speed settings and get the maximum out of a powerful battery. This fan has a 7650 mAh battery and it offers you above 2000 RPM. This much rotation from such a large fan is intensive and it ensures that no one sweats during the summer heat.

Secondly, the battery charges at a higher speed and it takes less than five hours in full charge. Even though the charging time is higher, the starting fifty per cent charge doesn’t take much time and it will offer you great use. The fan is ultra-portable and it will provide you with the benefit of both worlds, emergency light and an emergency fan.

Pros –

  • Works at 2,000 RPM and provides excellent airflow for hours.
  • It has a 7650 mAh battery which offers enough juice to run this fan for 15 hours.
  • The overall build quality is top-notch for such a lower price point.
  • This fan offers a run time of 24 hours on lower speed settings.
  • The manufacturer is offering one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Cons –

  • The charging time required by this fan is irritating as if you face the issue of power cut now and then.
  • The higher power mode is slightly noisy and makes it difficult to concentrate.

9. Rellon Table fan

Rellon Table fan

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When it comes to buying a table fan, the Rellon Table Fan is always in demand. It has various qualities such as charging options, LED light, adjustable features and many others. It is a very effective product for every Indian family.

The Rellon Table fan comes with AC and DC features. In case power fails,  you can use it by charged with the help of solar penal. It can be placed on the table as well as mounted on a wall. When you are going on a trip, you can take it with them. Moreover, it is light in weight, which means it can carry easily. The best thing about this product is, it comes with an on and off button, and you can excess it anywhere anytime.

Although, it has two modes of LED lights and two speeds of the fan option. It works through two Lithium-Ion Battery and it has ensured their durability. Whenever you start using this fan, make sure the battery should be full. It takes a maximum of 5 to 6 hours for being fully charged. The LED light works for a maximum of 8 hours, only the fan work for 3 hours. If you are using both at once, then it would take 2.5 hours.

Pros –

  • It is a useful product for desk work.
  • It offers good battery backup.
  • Because of its price, it is very cost-effective.
  • This product is a combination of advanced technology and usability.
  • It is one of the most highly recommended products.

C0ns –

  • Few Negative reviews regarding the durability.

10. Sonashi Table fan

Sonashi Table fan

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Sonashi is one of the most popular brands for its amazing light backup and power. The best thing about this product is that it ensures overall working capacity and offers a long-life rechargeable battery. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic along with three blades feature. Because of its phenomenal two-speed control option, it offers cool air.

You can enjoy your summer weekends with your friends and family member by using this. It is a promising product to provide cooling and comfort during your sleep and work. Having a Sonakshi table fan in your home mean eliminates your wet and itchiness. The product is specially designed for all types of interiors.

Because of their elegant and modern design, it can suit all kinds of households. Moreover, it has prominent features namely AC and DC features. This factor makes it more phenomenal in order of functionality and usage. When it comes to core features, the Sonakshi table fan comes with LED light and torch option, rechargeable battery option. You can use this fan for a minimum of 4 hours at fully high speed and 6 hours at low speed. You can take a noise-free experience after using it.

Pros –

  • Because of the high DC motor, it delivers cool air.
  • The product comes with discharge protection and an over-charged disabled feature.
  • The LED lights make the product more attractive and excellent.
  • It is an ideal option for a small space
  • Light in weight
  • It comes in evergreen black colour.

Cons –

  • The fan becomes noisy at higher speed settings.
  • Battery backup is not up to the claim as offered by the manufacturer.

How to Choose the Best Rechargeable Fan in India

The journey to discover a reliable electronic product is always full of challenges and require a deep knowledge of the product. The same goes with a rechargeable fan and knowing your need will make a certain difference during the purchase time. So far, the rechargeable fan industry is exploding with new brands and looking after a good brand is always essential to get the best product. Going through a quick list of key features of a rechargeable fan will make things easier for our readers. Here, you can learn about the important aspects so that you won’t have to deal with any issue –

⇒ 1. Choose A Well-Known Brand

Among all the brands, going for a premium brand is always a better option. A well-known rechargeable fans manufacturer will offer you genuine build quality, easy to use design and a wide range of additional features to impress you. If you don’t want to end up buying the wrong product, avoiding a less-known brand or a cheap quality fan will be the first step to ensure an excellent purchase. The popular rechargeable fans brands that you can find in India are –

  • Globex
  • Geek Aire
  • Rico
  • Sonashi

These are some of the popular rechargeable fans manufacturers in India. The best part about a good brand is quality after-sale services and amazing customer support toward resolving any technical issue.

⇒ 2. Fan Blade Size

Well, the fan blade size might seem like a most crucial feature and it certainly is, but it doesn’t affect the airflow too much. The rotation speed is playing an important role here. So, during the purchase time, you can find the option to choose between 8 inches long, 12 inches long blades. All the sizes are great to offer an excellent airflow during the power outage. Make sure that you choose at least 8 inches leaf size of the fan blades.

⇒ 3. Rotation Speed (in RPM)

Round per minute or RPM is a unit that helps in knowing the speed of a fan blade. Most of the genuine emergency fans offer at least 2000 RPM, which provide you with excellent airflow. Knowing about the power of the installed motor becomes easier by learning about the rotation speed. Most manufacturers mention the RPM but you should also look for the size of fan blades. If the blades are small, then achieving higher RPM is a common thing.

⇒ 4. Battery

The battery is one of the important components which help in running the fan for hours during a power outage. There are three key things you should check about the battery –

  • Always look for higher capacity batteries among the rechargeable fans. When you are choosing a low power option, you might be thinking about paying less but it is a less impressive option.
  • Even though you might choose a low capacity battery, the efficiency or the battery backup depends upon the design. So, always know about the run time on a full charge at higher speed settings.
  • Charging time is the last factor regarding the battery. You must ensure that you could fully charge the battery within two to three hours.

Always choose a higher power battery that offers at least 5,000 mAh power or more to run the fan at higher speed settings.

⇒ 5. Overall Weight

Rechargeable fans are designed to be portable so that you can carry them into the house with ease. There are several types of rechargeable fans available in the market, but choosing the right one is all about the need. Make sure that you look for an easy to carry rechargeable fan.

⇒ 6. Speed Settings

A rechargeable fan with only a single speed setting might not make sense to most buyers. Even if you want to get higher airflow from the fan, you can’t change the speed settings. In such a situation, having the ability to choose between the desired speed makes sense. You can turn on the fan to a higher speed to get maximum airflow whereas you can choose low-speed settings when you want better battery backup.

⇒ 7. Design

There are plenty of rechargeable fan designs available to choose from. The common options are –

  • Handheld rechargeable fan
  • Pedestal Rechargeable Fan
  • Mini rechargeable table fan

Each type offers unique functionality and seems perfect for the mentioned job. Knowing about the functionality from their name is easy for almost everyone.

⇒ 8. Build Quality

To ensure higher build quality, checking out the important features like the use of material can come in handy. Plastic and PVC are two common materials of choice. Plastic is less sturdy than PVC, but it is more flexible and lightweight. So, if you are looking after the best one, going with a well-made plastic body fan should be your priority. Considering these aspects will help you buy the right fan.

⇒ 9. Noise Level

When you are choosing a small leaf sized fan and using it at a higher speed, a weird airflow noise becomes audible. This noise is not too loud, but it is certainly there and you can’t sleep comfortably due to this noise. To avoid buying such products, you should always choose rechargeable portable fans which have a large blade size and genuine RPM.

⇒ 10. Emergency Light

These days most rechargeable fans are equipped with small emergency lights so that the user can also get decent torchlight during the night. The light coming out of these fans are not too bright, but it is good enough to light up a table so that you can study or work comfortably.

⇒ 11. Warranty

To avoid buying the wrong product, checking out the warranty factor can come in handy. Buyers should always choose a rechargeable fan, which at least offers six months of warranty. These products are made in China and usually have a poor lifespan. However, there are many amazing brands like Rico which are manufacturing the parts with higher quality. And, such brands are sure about their product so they also offer one year of warranty on the same.

⇒ 12. Budget

Always decide your budget before getting started with the research part. There are plenty of rechargeable fan models available from 800 Rs. the price point to 10,000 Rs. If you are not sure about the needs and budget, landing on a product become typical. So, it would be an excellent choice to choose a flexible budget. For most buyers, the budget of 1500 rs. for a rechargeable fan will get the job done because this price point offers an adequate variety and other features.

⇒ 13. Reviews

To learn about the flaws of a rechargeable fan, learning about the feedback of previous buyers can come in handy. Most buyers write their opinion regarding the product, its working, its features and other aspects. If you don’t want to end up buying the wrong product, then you should always read plenty of reviews before finalizing a product. By this method, you can eliminate most of the issues without and clear any doubt regarding the functionality.

⇒ 14. Side Aspects

At last, you can look for the side aspects if you are willing to buy a specific design. You can consider –

  • Colour Option –White, and Black are two of the common colour options which suit almost every theme of home. These small fans are perfect looking in the kitchen, dining table, or at the bed also.
  • 180˚ Swing– If you want your fan to swing so that everyone sitting nearby could also get the fan’s air, then you should check the swing feature. It is a common feature with quality made rechargeable fans.
  • USB Option – These days rechargeable fans offer multi-purpose functionality. Apart from fan and light, there is a USB port to charge your smartphone during a power outage. You can also consider this feature and it is surely one of the best features.

If you want additional features in the rechargeable fan, then looking after the above-given features might come in handy during the purchase time.

⇒ 15. Compare

To shortlist the best rechargeable fan, it would be an excellent choice to compare all the best options based on their functionality factor. You can also compare based on product’s review, rating and cost. These methods will help you shortlist the right product by ditching poorly made rechargeable fans.

Rechargeable Fans Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Good to Buy a Rechargeable Fan?

Yes, buying a rechargeable fan is worth it. The first advantage of this fan is that you can use it when there is no electricity. This will be a great appliance for you if there is a frequent power cut in your area.

Moreover, rechargeable fans are compact and lightweight, so they are easy to carry. Also, these fans consume less space and can be used in any place with no hassle.

2. Can I Use a Rechargeable Fan When It Is Charging?

It depends on the specific rechargeable fan you use. If the power draw of the device is low, then you can charge it when it is in use. But if the device draws more power, then the charger will not work when the fan is in use.

Therefore, you will need to know the circuit design of your fan if you want to use it when charging. You can get clear instructions about the fan from the user manual.

3. Is It Safe to Keep the Battery of a Rechargeable Fan on The Charger?

No, it is not a good idea to keep the battery on the charger because it can overheat the battery. You need to always remove the battery when it is charged. If you overcharge the battery, then the battery can get damaged. So, you should never try to leave your battery on a charger to prevent it from getting damaged.

4. What Is the Lifespan of a Rechargeable Fan?

The lifespan of a rechargeable fan depends on its performance and battery size. Depending on these two factors, the lifespan of a rechargeable fan can vary. So, you will have to check the battery size and the charging time of the rechargeable fan before buying it.

5. How To Know When a Rechargeable Fan Is Completely Charged?

The charging time of a rechargeable fan’s battery differs from brand to brand. Depending on the brand of the fan you use, the charging time can be more or less. Typically, the charging time of a rechargeable fan’s battery is 6 to 7 hours.

Furthermore, many rechargeable fans come with an indicator light to show when the battery is fully charged. So, you can first charge the battery for 5 to 6 hours to know how the battery is charging. To know more about the charging time of your fan’s battery, you can refer to the user manual and product reviews of your fan.

The Final Verdict

A rechargeable fan offers a wide range of features and functionality which can make things easier in daily life. While India is developing, having some easy to choose solutions during power outages can come in handy. You can choose any type of rechargeable fan and get perfect use. Make sure that you look into the important aspect before finalizing a product.

While making this list, we looked into reviews to shortlist the best option. Considering the same method will come in handy to our readers. Make sure that you do not compromise with the battery backup because at last, it is an essential feature and it will be playing important role in daily life if you deal with a power outage.

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