Looking for the best table fan below 1000 rs. in India? Here you will get the best options!

The months of summer in India are extremely exhausting throughout the entire season with the temperature above at least 35˚C in all states. Summers are hard to deal with between April to August months of the year and require an effective solution. The most reliable option for this high temperature is an Air Conditioner.

However, it is expensive, has higher using cost and require plenty of maintenance. For an average person, using an air conditioner all the time is a less practical solution. The only energy-efficient option that every Indian can take into account is a table fan. There is a wide range of table fans available, which can help you stay calm in the heat.

Sweat is one of the hard to deal issues and a table can provide an effective solution irrespective of who you are. From the study table to an office cabin, a portable table fan can be installed anywhere due to its compact size and lightweight design. It also offers you the functionality to oscillate, speed control and much more.

Even though there are so many simple things in a table fan, choosing the best one is a tricky job. The selection process requires attention to a wide range of factors. If you don’t want to deal with the specs sheet and want to know about the best options available in this market, then you are at the right place.

Table Fan Under 1000 Rs

A table fan seems like a common home appliance with easy to choose features. If you look closely, you have a few important parameters to look after. It is not about the design or appearance, many things are working together to ensure a quality experience. By understanding your requirement, and checking out the given points, you can buy a perfect table fan in India.

Best Buy Table Fan Below 1000 INR

Here, we are unfolding our well-curated list of the top 10 best selling table fans below 1000 Rs. in India. This list contains versatile table fans, which can be used at a study table, an office table, kitchen countertop or while sleeping. There are many ways to use a table fan, so having such a versatile electronic might be a great thing.

Let’s get started by checking out the top options –

1. WOZIT Multi-Function Table Fan

WOZIT Powerful Rechargeable Desk Table Fan

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Our top pick of this list is the WOZIT Multi-Function table fan due to its versatile usability and range of features. It is a rechargeable table fan and it allows you to run the fan during a power outage for more than four hours.

Apart from the attractive features, there is great functionality that you can expect here. This table fan has an 8 inches leaf fan, which can rotate at maximum speed on DC power to provide excellent airflow.

You can keep this fan on the table as well as can mount it on the wall for perfect usability. The overall usability ensures that you are getting a great value for money deal during the purchase time.

Speed control is an important function and you will need it during the change in weather. When summer’s heat starts fading at the end of September, you can reduce the speed and have a comforting use.  The reason to pick this fan over the other one is optimal functionality for the affordable price point.

Pros –

  • Two-in-one functionality ensures a great bang for the buck deal.
  • Build quality of this fan is somewhat sturdy and durable for the price point.
  • The new model is capable of delivering 7 hours of battery back up on the full charge.
  • This table fan is lightweight and extremely portable.

Cons –

  • No complaints were found regarding the functionality and durability.

2. HARMAN INDUSTRIES Air Wall Cum Table Fan


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It might be tough to find a rechargeable fan powerful enough in many scenarios when you want a pretty good airflow, and that’s where you can find a wired table fan. HARMAN INDUSTRIES Air Wall Cum Table Fan is a regular table fan with no fancy features, but great specs.

This table fan is designed with such perfection that the 9 inches blade can generate a whopping airflow. This fan has a powerful motor, which also provides you with a three-speed setting for higher convenience according to the weather.

Coming to the build quality and portability factor, this fan is made of ABS plastic which offers excellent strength to the body. One more thing worth noticing is, this fan has a lightweight design, which adds up to the great overall functionality.

A table fan with the oscillation feature is more likely to serve great use. You can turn on the fan and place it in the centre. Many people can get the benefit of fan’s oscillation. It will change position between 150˚ angle. The overall benefit of an oscillation fan is visible when there are several people to use a table fan.

Pros –

  • The build quality seems adequate as ABS is a sturdy material.
  • The three different speed setting provides great use as per the weather.
  • The weight of this table fan is ideal to carry around anywhere in-home or office.
  • Blades can rotate at the maximum speed of 280 RPM to provide excellent airflow.

Cons – 

  • No warranty even with the compromise of rechargeable functionality.

3. Rellon Table fan

Rellon Table fan

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The next table fan of choice is all about having a portable table fan with a built-in battery to provide great functionality during a power outage. Yes, we are talking Rellon Table fan. It is a rechargeable fan with a powerful battery.

On a full charge, this fan can offer you a run time of 3 hours on full speed. If you turn on the light along with the fan, then the battery backup is 2.5 hours. There is a very little compromise with the battery backup and you can also charge it to max within five hours.

You can use this fan on AC power by directly plugging into the power outlet, or you can go with the battery power option. The build-in light is adding to the overall functionality and ensure a great value for money deal.

On the other hand, it would be a better choice to check reviews regarding the specific model you like. By checking feedback from previous buyers regarding the table fan, you can shortlist the best option. This product has the most heart-warming reviews from buyers.

Pros –

  • You can use the fan for 3 hours on a full charge.
  • This table fan is going to take less than 5 hours for 100% charging.
  • Build quality is decent for the price point.
  • Three blades rotate at a maximum speed of 200 RPM for great airflow.

Cons –

  • Slightly noisy when the fan is running on the battery.

4. HNESS Powerful Rechargeable Multifunction Table Fan

HNESS Powerful Rechargeable Multifunction Table Fan

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A powerful table fan with extra functionality is an easy pick for almost every buyer. Well, the selection of HNESS Powerful Rechargeable Multifunction Table fan is going to provide you with similar functionality.

This fan can be mounted on the wall or you can use it on the table. The built-in battery provides you with great use during a power outage and you can also consider using AC power. You can change the angle of the fan’s air delivery with a little pressure.

There is a built-in light and it provides great functionality. There are 7 inches wide blades to provide a perfect airflow when the fan is running at the maximum rotation speed of 200 RPM. In terms of appearance, this table fan looks astonishing for all kinds of uses.

The air delivery of a fan is measured in CMM and it stands for cubic meter per min. A regular ceiling fan offers air delivery up to 200 CMM and it can be increased by increasing RPM. If you don’t want to get confused with the technical terms, then it would be a better choice to buy a table fan with a higher CMM value.

Pros –

  • The build quality and appearance of this table fan are excellent.
  • This fan provides two-in-one functionality with LED bulbs.
  • The battery backup out of this table fan is 2 hours on a full charge.
  • Air delivery out of this fan is incredibly good and it seems highly reliable.

Cons –

  • Few complaints saying “Charging is slow and take a while in full charge”.

5. DANI ENTERPRISE Rechargeable Table Fan

DANI ENTERPRISE Rechargeable Table Fan

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In terms of design and appearance, DANI ENTERPRISE Rechargeable Table Fan seems like a prominent option and we found three major reasons to list this product here. First of all, this fan has a multi-colour design and it looks fabulous on the table.

The second thing is functionality with the small battery is excellent. On a full charge, you can get a battery backup for up to 3 hours. There is a small LED light installed in this fan to provides you with additional functionality on the battery as well as direct AC power.

The third reason to pick this product is 8 inches fan blade with a higher rotation speed. So far, the manufacturer hasn’t mentioned anything regarding air delivery, but the reviews are falling in the positive criteria.

Pros –

  • The air delivery out of this fan is wonderful.
  • The multi-colour appearance looks great.
  • The versatile usability for such a low price is excellent.
  • This is one of the best fan options due to the excellent air delivery.

Cons –

  • Few complaints regarding the durability of the battery.

6. Twinswa 2 in 1 Rechargeable Table fan

twinswa 2 in 1 Rechargeable Table fan

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The higher rotation speed doesn’t always mean the best airflow. It is also about the design of the blade, the number of blades and few other aspects. If you don’t want to buy a poor quality table fan, then you should also check out other aspects like air delivery to get the perfect product of all kinds.

So, A similar-looking design with similar functionality to DANI Table Fan is easy to find in twinswa 2 in 1 Rechargeable Portable table fan. This table fan offers the same size format, design, build quality and more.

Even, the battery backup is also the same with this product. You are getting three hours of battery backup when only the fan is in use. You can use this fan with AC as well as DC power. So, choosing any of the products (Dani or twinswa table fan) will make no difference.

You can compare both options based on the reviews to ensure which one is better. In our selection process, we found Dani table fan has the slight upper hand in terms of reviews and sales. However, there are many ways this fan is better in terms of battery backup and low charging time over the other options.

Pros –

  • This fan has an excellent appearance and it looks great on the study table and other places.
  • The weight of this fan is very low and it feels portable.
  • The build quality is comparatively better than the other options.
  • The overall functionality out of this fan is highly impressive and reliable.

Cons –

  • Slightly expensive.

7. Kenvi Table Fan

Kenvi Table Fan

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In case, you are looking after a well-made table fan that focuses on excellent air delivery instead of fancy features, then the Kenvi table fan seems like a top-notch choice. This fan doesn’t have any battery, nor emergency light, but in terms of a table fan, it has better functionality.

There is a 48w motor running the four blades fan at the maximum rotation speed of 2100 RPM. Well, the higher speed along with the long blade size ensures that you will get an excellent airflow to a distance of 10 feet without any problem.

This fan is lightweight and works perfectly on AC power. This fan has 100% copper winding, which ensures better overall durability of the motor even on long term use. This fan also comes with one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Manufacturers offering warranty for six months or one year are better to prefer. The next thing you should consider is their after-sale services to avoid any issue. The customer support network should be great because if you face any issue, you can get it eradicated as soon as possible that’s why Kenvi is good to go brand for most buyers.

Pros –

  • This fan has Aerodynamically designed PP blades.
  • The higher rotation speed offers a perfect air delivery.
  • The one year of warranty from the manufacturer ensure a perfect purchase.
  • The build quality is sturdy and this fan is slightly less noisy.

Cons –

  • No additional functionality except for the running fan.

8. Yashvin Junior Wall/Table Fan

Yashvin Junior WallTable Fan

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A table fan that can be used in a versatile manner due to the wall mounting functionality is Yashvin Junior Wall/Table Fan. You can install this fan anywhere due to its lightweight design and use it for various purposes. Overall, this fan has so many eye-catchy features which can make you prefer it over any other options available in the market.

This fan offers higher air delivery from the 7 inches long blades. You are getting three-speed controls to choose the optimal settings as per the weather. You can find this fan perfect for home, shop and office use.

The operation of this fan is going to be silent due to the Aero Dynamically Designed PP Blades. The manufacturer is offering a copper winding motor to ensure better durability. On the other hand, you are getting one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Only a few manufacturers offer an off-site warranty with table fans and there are very limited brands offering the on-site warranty. It is always better to buy electronic devices with a warranty factor in mind. If a table fan doesn’t come with any warranty policy, then it is a big red flag and you should avoid such products. So, this fan is good to go choice.

Pros –

  • The build quality of this table fan is extremely impressive.
  • Get a maximum rotation speed above 1500 RPM.
  • The 7 inches long blade make less noise while rotating at the maximum speed.
  • This table fan is perfect for home, office and shop use.

Cons –

  • Slight expensive if you consider the overall functionality and features.

9. Jashgop LR-2200 Rechargeable Table Fan

Jashgop LR-2200 Rechargeable Table Fan

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If you are looking forward to the purchase of a table fan, which offers you better functionality and a compact size at the same time, the Jashgop LR-2200 Rechargeable Table fan seems like the best option of all kinds. So far, this fan has several features, which can make you opt for it instead of any other option.

This table fan has a powerful motor along with a rechargeable battery to ensure a great experience during a power outage. You can use this fan on direct AC power and expect exceptional performance from the competitive options.

This fan can fold into a very compact size and it has a lower weight also. The battery installed in this fan offers a run time of three hours on a full charge. You can also choose between three different speed settings to get better overall use. The only con is, this fan runs at a slower RPM when used on the battery power.

In some cases, you can find fans with an extra number of blades. Well, they are excellent for air delivery and they might make less noise. You have to decide in such a situation that which table fan is perfect for your specific requirement. You can expect less noise with three blades with this fan.

Pros –

  • Use the fan at optimal speed settings on AC or DC power.
  • You can expect great versatility while using this fan at home as well as in the office.
  • Take less than 4 hours to charge the battery 100%.
  • The compact size with an eye-catchy appearance is an exceptional feature.

Cons –

  • The air delivery is slightly poor on the battery power.

10. Kelific Home Mini Table Fan

Kelific Home Mini Table Fan

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One more table fan similar to the Kenvi table fan is Kelific Home Mini Table Fan. This table fan has a blade size of 9 inches and it is good enough to offer excellent air delivery. The aerodynamically designed blades are packed with a powerful motor to provide excellent air delivery.

You can get a maximum rotation speed of 2,100 RPM. The product is made in India and it has 100% copper wiring to ensure better durability. In case of any problem, the manufacturer’s one year of warranty is there to help you out with the problem.

The motor is powerful and using this fan while studying, in the office, or at a shop seems like the perfect option. The black colour of this fan also looks great and you can expect a better value while using this product.

Always consider buying table fans which come at the mid-range price point. The starting range of the table fan is not that bad, but you might end up missing many necessary features like oscillation. And this fan offers both kinds of functionality in one place. If you want to buy the best in class product, then this one seems like a great choice.

Pros –

  • The rotation speed of 2100 RPM offers a great air delivery.
  • The build quality is sturdy and these fans look durable.
  • 100% copper wiring ensures better durability of the motor.
  • The overall functionality is excellent and it ensures perfect use in every scenario.

Cons –

  • Require regular cleaning of dirt and dust.


If you have more budget then check our list of best table fan under 2000 rs. in India. The ability to oscillate the table fan and control the speed seems heart-warming during sleep time. You can choose a quality table fan for better airflow and features. A well-made fan which makes less noise will help you concentrate while studying. A good quality fan will provide you with adequate airflow along with ease of use for proper comfort. We hope that learning about the top 10 best table fans in 2022 through our guide will help you figure out the best product with ease.

How To Choose A Budget Table Fan In India

There is a slew of additional factors to take into account when selecting a table fan. Before purchasing a table fan, you must take into account a number of factors. There are now a wide variety of models on the market, each bit distinct from the next. So, take a look at the following features to ensure that you get the best possible option for your needs.

→ 1. Table fan size

Choosing the right table fan size is critical to ensuring that the area is properly cooled. Table fans come in 12-inches, 16-inch, & 20-inch sizes, which you can select based on the size of the area you need to cool down.

Small shops, kitchens, and other small spaces benefit greatly from the use of table fans with a blade span of only a few inches. Table fans with a diameter of 20 inches are ideal for larger rooms, such as the hall as well as the dining room of your home.

Also noteworthy is the fact that even at their highest speeds, the large table fans are remarkably silent.

→ 2. Noise level

If you’re considering purchasing a table fan, it’s also a good idea to check its noise level. It’s incredibly inconvenient to have a noisy table fan running while you’re working. As a result, always opt for a table fan with high motor power and high quality. Because the table fan has a low-grade motor, it makes a lot of noise. For reduced noise, go with larger models, as previously mentioned in the aforementioned point.

→ 3. Build quality

A product’s longevity and durability are directly correlated to the quality of the product’s construction. The blades and the body of a table fan should both be of high quality.

In the past, table fans were made of iron or steel, which is highly susceptible to corrosion or rusting. PVC or fiber bodies, on the other hand, are both inexpensive and long-lasting.

Because of their powerful nature, metallic fans are ideal for outdoor use, where they can thrive.

→ 4. Oscillation

Table fans are great because they can oscillate. A 180-degree rotation of the table fan allows it to offer airflow in all directions, not just one.

Table fans with swing functions should be checked before the purchase. With a single push of a button, the oscillation swing feature can provide cooling in multiple directions. If you prefer, you could also control how fast or slow the blades move.

→ 5. Removable mesh or grills

The blades of the table fan collect a lot of dust and dirt over time from regular use. Cleaning it on a regular basis is essential for its optimal operation. One that comes with a removable grill makes it much easier to clean the grills & fan blades of dust and other debris.

To make it easier to attach and remove grills, make sure they are not assembled with screws. All of the newest table fans’ grills can be easily installed.


An excellent and cost-effective way to enjoy some relief from the heat of a summer day is to purchase a table fan. Fortunately, this buying guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an educated purchase decision.

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