The ambient temperature during the month of summer is annoying in India. Most parts of the country suffer from a temperature above 35˚ C, and surviving in the summer heat requires an effective cooling solution. Ceiling Fan, Air Conditioner, and HVAC are the most popular options preferred by most buyers.

However, these solutions might not make sense to everyone. AC and HVAC are expensive to maintain, whereas a ceiling fan might not serve the effective cooling if the ceiling is at a 15 feet height. So, what could be the perfect way to get you relief from this summer heat? Well, a Wall Mount Fan.

The simple design and functionality of a wall mount fan make it an effective solution for almost every need. The fan is compact, and you can install it on the wall. There is a pull-rope mechanism to turn on/off the fan, and you can also control the speed in the same manner. There are many models which come with a smart remote.

Wall Mounted Fans in India

If you consider other aspects like overall usability and functionality, a wall mount fan can be used in every location. You can install this fan in the kitchen, next to the dining table, common room, patio, office, wedding halls and much more. The best part is oscillation which delivers air throughout the room.

Best Buy Wall Mount Fans Online In India

Even though you can expect such a wide number of advantages, the variety available in the Indian market might make the purchase tricky. To help you out, we compiled a list of the top 10 best selling wall mount fans available online in India. You can consider all your requirements during the purchase time to finalize the perfect option. Let’s get started.

1. Havells Swing Wall Fan

Havells Swing Wall Fan

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Havells is one of the most trusted and popular brands offering a wide range of fans.  Havells Swing wall fan looks elegant and suitable for every home decor, office and kitchen area. This product offers jerk-free swaying for smooth operation. Using Havells Swing Wall fan for home and office brings a great experience of relaxation. These fans come with 3-blades which ensure the finest air supply across the room. Because of slick and smooth blades; it ensures a better flow of air. You won’t have to worry about the short circuit also because of the thermal overload protector feature; it would work safely and not being harmed by the overload of a circuit. These advanced features create a better shield and ensure longer usage. For ease of usage, the fan offers two pull cords that mean it can be adjusted at your convenience. Even in summers, you and your family can feel refreshing without facing any itchiness and rash. It is an ideal option for all Indian families whether they are large or small. However, it ensures corner-to-corner air circulation and offers a better experience of cooling. Just because of the simple and trendy design and colour, it is a good option for your work area and home interiors. Many products ensure safety but in actual the usage of such product might be risky for babies (if have) whereas Havells fan’s equipped with protective grills.

Pros –

  • Havells Swing is a cost-effective product.
  • It is one of the most well-known brands.
  • It can be easy to install.
  • The product offers good airflow.

Cons –

  • It is built according to small rooms.

2. Amazon Basics High-Speed Wall Fan

Amazon Basics High-Speed Wall Fan

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When it comes to buying a wall fan, amazon basics high-speed wall fan is always come in handy. Its sleek and elegant design suits your office interior as well as your home interior. Because of aerodynamically design blades, it offers a phenomenal air supply and makes your working area cool. With a maximum speed of 1350 Rotations per minute, it offers high-power cooling and refreshing air. It works with or without fluctuation. Moreover, the Amazon brand’s electric appliances are tested by experts against strict safety standards. As per safety standards, the fan ensures proper safety against fire risks, stability, shot-circuits. You can use it with ease without having any risk of electric shocks. Because of its –angles of vertically oriented feature, it can be easily adjusted as per your requirement. These fans make your entire room cool and refreshing without any hassle. Besides this, the fan comes with a 100% copper motor which ensures long durable working and also provides a smooth airflow. Such fans are easy to use; you just need to excess with pressing on the button. It is also completely safe because of its strong coverage blades. You can install it on a wall where a good connection of electricity has assembled.

Pros –

  • It consumes less electricity.
  • The product is made of good quality.
  • The fan can be installed easily because of its lightweight feature.
  • The fan comes with a 1-year warranty.

Cons –

  • The fan comes with fewer accessories.
  • It has minimal sound.

3. Usha Mist Wall Fan

Usha Mist Wall Fan

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Usha is the oldest and trusted brand in India offering the best quality of fans. This fan has several qualities but one of the most prominent qualities of this fan is that it offers superior cooling performance. The Usha Mist Wall fan has aerodynamically balanced blades which ensure better performance, high-air supply and amazing comfort. You can save your electricity bills. At peak speed, it only consumes 55W of electricity and also its copper motor offers power-packed functionality and performance. The USHA Mist wall fan comes with a Thermal Overload protection feature and this feature secure the fan from overheat. In the case of high voltage variation, the fan protects itself due to this feature. In case of a shock circuit and overload of electricity, the circuit will temporarily separate with it. Its pull cord features help you to set the speed of the airflow as per your control and comfort. Therefore, you and your family member would be ready to take advantage of this fan. When it comes to buying a noise-free fan, USHA Mist is a perfect choice. Just because of its high-quality sturdy and long-lasting blades, it delivers noise-free fresh air. The USHA Mist can be cleaned easily with just a single swipe. You can wet cloth or sponge to clean the blades of the fan.

Pros –

  • USHA Mist Wall fan comes in two colours – Blue and White.
  • It is easy to operate with the remote.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It perfectly complements every décor.

Cons –

  • It comes with only a three-speed control button.

4. Ibell BLADE Premium Wall Fan

Ibell BLADE Premium Wall Fan

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The iBELL blade premium wall fan is a premium option and offers noise-free air in the entire room. This fan helps you tolerate walling extreme temperatures. This fan maintains your home, office cool and ventilated. Because of powerful motor, it ensures to provide fresh air and instant cooling. Users can suitably adjust this wall fan and can be installed easily. The iBELL fan enhances the airflow in the room because of its broad blades. This fan can generate unchanging oscillations and jerk-free at all speeds (slow, medium and fast). These fans are specially designed for Indian weather conditions. Thus, this stand fan easily resits voltage fluctuations. With a sleek and modern design, this fan complements modern decors. Apart from this, this fan supplies strong air throw without creating any noise even at high speed. Customers can buy this product without having any worry about the warranty. It comes with a 1-year standard warranty, plus a 1-year warranty on free registration. When it comes to design, this fan comes with a phenomenal sleek design (black colour). Even the fan blade’s looks are good as it offers in light blue colour. It is suitable for Indian Weather.

Pros –

  • It is a pocket-friendly product.
  • This product gets positive reviews and ratings.
  • It supplies cool and refresh the air and create less noise.
  • Dimensions: 18.11-inch width and 20.8 inch Height

Cons –

  • The plastic quality is less high.
  • It makes a vibrating sound.

5. Orient Electric Wall Fan

Orient Electric Wall Fan

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Orient Electric Wall Fan is a prominent choice for those customers who demand high-quality fans for their kitchens, working space or home. This fan is specially designed to provide you with the best in terms of money and service. At the same time, it ensures power-saving benefits. Orient electric wall fans have come in different sizes, colours and ranges. Orient electric wall 47 Trendz offers various features such as adjustable speed control. You can regulate this fan with ease. With the aerodynamic design, this fan offers noiseless relief and extreme airflow. Orient electric wall fan is a good choice for both office use and residential areas.  The best thing about this product is that its power-coated guard and polymer ring gives the fan additional protection. Further, the motor of Orient Electric wall fan gives high air through at 2000 RPM. Additionally, it comes with a pull cord system which can give you the ease of adjusting the fan speed. The company offer this fan in bright colour along with gold or silver touches. Overall, it is a high-quality product that comes with accessories including a fan, motor, and manual, blades, and guards Plus 2 year warranty.

Pros –

  • It is an ideal option for a moderate size room.
  • This fan can be matched with all types of home interiors.
  • It doesn’t consume too much electricity.

Cons –

  • It creates noise at a low speed.
  • A cord is not very long.

6. Crompton Wave Wall Mounted Fan

Crompton Wave Wall Mounted Fan

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Crompton is one of the most popular and successful brand offering numbers of fans in the term of range, colour and size. Crompton Wave Wall mounted fans come with numerous qualities include good airflow, a noise-free environment, suitable for every type of décor and many others. However, offering a smart product and reliable product by a top-notch brand is good for money value. It ensures extreme high-speed airflow and adjusting features. You can adjust fan speed through the pull chain feature as per your convenience and comfort. Despite this feature, it offers services to their customer if your fan will not working effectively. The expert or technician will send Crompton services to your location. Isn’t it good? Well, due to brand reputation and products quality, Indian Markets would prefer selling this product. This fan is designed for both working space and home. Infect, many people would prefer installing such fans into their kitchen walls to eliminate dust and fumes. The best usages of this fan are that you can mount it on a wall where the air can spread easily into the different areas. Thus, you can enjoy your sleep without any noise.

Pros –

  • Crompton is the oldest and trustworthy brand.
  • Its white colour makes it decent and elegant.
  • Easy to assemble or mounted at any wall.

Cons –

  • The fan comes without a remote; you can use your hands to adjust the speed of the fan.
  • The after-sales service of Crompton is slow.

7. V-Guard High-Speed Wall fan

V-Guard High-Speed Wall fan

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In this list, our next option is a V-Guard wall fan which is capable to offer cool air. This advanced wall fan offers extreme coverage performance due to its best swinging action. The V-Guard High-Speed Wall fan is an amalgamation of smooth operation and high-performance. With its powerful motor, this fan ensures high performance. You can feel relaxed and comfortable while sitting under this fan. Many users have problems with fan noise but a v-guard can create a noise-free environment while you are sleeping or sitting in the room. Because of its aerodynamically high-balanced blade, it ensures to supplies maximum airflow and offers you a breezy and comfortable experience. This fan can work for a long duration. One of the major benefits of having this fan is that it offered a three-speed setting feature. You can adjust fan speed as per your convenience and comfort. Plus, it has a strong PP body and has a powerful copper motor. Also, it is made according to the overload and overheat protector feature. Moreover, the V-Guard fan comes with a two-year warranty. Therefore, in case of any issue, you can replace it or contact customer service. The best thing about this product is that it complements every interior. Because of its black colour, it is a choice of everyone.

Pros –

  • It is a high-speed fan with 2200 RPM.
  • It is made with 100% winding copper.
  • This fan comes with a 2-year warranty.

Cons –

  • It is not a remote control fan.
  • This product produces minimal noise.

8. Bajaj Esteem Wall Fan

Bajaj Esteem Wall Fan

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Bajaj is one of the most trusted brands and is the choice of many customers. Presently, this company has become a popular brand because of their innovative gadgets (fans, lights, appliances). This wall fan offers high performance and comes with a noise-free feature that helps you to take nice sleep without disturbance. Additionally, it has a sweep size of 400 mm, which is suitable for all types of homes. With a sweep size, the Bajaj Esteem Wall fan is covering a large area with just a single press button. When it comes to their performance, the Bajaj Esteem Wall fan is very well designed and set an example for other wall fans. The bajaj is a phenomenal choice and always wins the heart of customers. It is one of the largest companies that offer a wide range of products. This product can work smoothly because of its copper motor and 70 CMM air deliveries. Talking about its quality, this wall fan has been made with premium quality. The high quality helps in holding the durability and performance of the fan. The bajaj fans are popular for their style, competency and quality. About this fan, it is the best choice for every home, office and commercial space. Besides this, the company offers specially designed Disney for your little ones.

Pros –

  • The material used in this fan is one of the popular in the term of quality.
  • It is a lightweight fan.
  • Its copper motor offers longevity and well –performance.

Cons –

  • The speed of the fan even at top speed is not satisfactory.

9. Luminous Fanfare Wall Fan

Luminous Fanfare Wall Fan

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In this list, the next product is a luminous fanfare wall fan. It is a high-quality portable fan that offers a premium appearance and greater aerodynamics. The fan is well designed along with aerodynamics polypropylene screws and blades. In the term of reliability, efficient function, looks, assurance, the Luminous Fanfare Pro has gained too much popularity. Plus, it ensures noiseless cool airflow and high-air delivery performance. You can feel comfortable even in the high heat or summer season. By the way, the luminous fanfare wall fan has several qualities. Among all qualities, energy saving is the best quality. This mount wall fan consumes less electricity and saves your money too. Discussing its Motors, the motor of Luminous comes with thermal overload protection. This protection feature can protect the motor during a sudden shot circuit and a sudden default in voltage. According to luminous manufactures, if you can find any issue in your fan then you can contact customer service under a 2-year warranty period.

Pros –

  • The blade of the fan is made of aerodynamic poly-propylene which is considered by every manufacture.
  • It can supply fast airflow.
  • The PP blades are installed in this fan, which ensures noiseless operation.
  • The Luminous wall fan comes in a simple and elegant design.

Cons –

  • Its speed ratio is less.
  • The company offers a warranty for less duration.

10. VARSHINE Junior Air Wall Cum Table Fan

VARSHINE Junior Air Wall Cum Table Fan

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In this list, the last fan is VARSHINE which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Even you can take it with you while you are travelling. Apart from this, it can be installed in the shop counter, bathroom, showroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. The VARSHINE junior fan consists of a powerful and best material motor specially designed for Indian weather. Despite this, the product quality has been checked as per the International standards that ensure the fan is producing as per their norms. The best thing about this product is that it comes with overheating protection features that make it more reliable and competent. It offers high-efficiency performance and high durability surety to its users. It also has been certified by the ISO for its high- performance. It has a three-speed air control mode which helps in providing proper flow in the entire room. Well, it is 100% made in India which mean you haven’t worry about taking a high-cost investment in their service. In case of any issue, you can easily go to an electrician for their repair. Moreover, this fan comes with a 1-year warranty. During the thermal overloading, the fuse has the auto capability to protect the motor of the fan. Isn’t good for securing a life of motor? Overall, this fan is suitable for Indian weather.

Pros –

  • Just like another fan, it is not made in china. It is a 100% Indian brand.
  • This fan comes with a 1-year full warranty.
  • VARSHINE comes with new high-speed low voltage technology that sounds interesting in the term of reliability.
  • A perfect option for small kitchens, rooms and offices.

Cons –

  • The fan doesn’t make good airflow in extremely hot weather.
  • The product didn’t have any regulator.

How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Fan

As we mentioned, the wall-mounted fan is one of the essential gadgets which ensures in supplying cool and refreshing air. To beat the Indian weather especially in summer, the wall-mounted and ceiling fan is one of the best options. However, a wall-mounted fan comes in a wide-range in the term of size, colours, brands and sizes.

Therefore, choosing a reliable and competent fan might be difficult. If you have the same dilemma, you can prefer reading our post. In this post, we have mentioned some top products list (already explained) and a complete buying guide that should be taking into consideration before making any final decision. Without wasting any time let us discuss them:

1. Focus on Size

While you are looking for a wall-mounted fan, you should first consider the size. Size is one of the important factors to finalize the product. Make sure with size and don’t compromise with it. Firstly ask yourself where you want to install the fan? In the case of small rooms, a medium-size fan will be an ideal option. The medium size has enough capacity to deliver sufficient airflow in the entire room whereas a large sizes fan can be installed in such an area where the whole family would love to gather. In that case, you can save your electricity bills and spend quality time with your family members. Having a large fan for a home might become beneficial. Large fans run fast even at slow speed whereas a small fan only runs at full speed.

2. Focus on Quality

The fans have been offered in different ranges. A high-quality product always ensured to work for long period. If you are choosing a lightweight build fans, then make sure it can use only for limited hours. The lightweight fans are best for office and domestic areas. If you are thinking to buy a fan for industrial usage, then always consider large size of fan with high-quality. A least quality product will be getting damaged easily after little use. Sometimes, fans with high-quality works not well due to their less functional motor. Before buying any fan, make sure to check the durability and warranty of motor. Generally, the company only gives warranty for overall product but some companies have policies offering special warranty on blades and motor. So trying to select top-notch quality fan whether It is for domestic use or office use.

3. Focus on mounting arrangement

A mount wall fan can only be placed at wall as per your comfort and convenience. Before mounting any fan, make sure the wall is built with good material. To avoid any damage and injury, the wall must be checked by the interior expert. Always placed such fans at strong walls. You can take help of experts for mounting the wall fan. The modern interiors are built so well and it is safe for them to place the wall fans. In case of traditional interiors, placing mount fans on walls might be risky. Make sure the wall isn’t getting too old. In case of old walls or inappropriate walls, the risk of getting injured may increase.

4. Consider Durability

Among all aspects, durability is one of the important aspects for choosing a wall fan. A right wall fan fulfil your needs for long-term. Usually, the wall fans have offered with minimum years of durability. But if you used in well-manner it can easily for at least 3 years. And that is enough to value for money. A lighter, solid and decorative wall mounted fans has proven to uplift the beauty of home interior and office interior. The durability should be enough to compete several summer seasons especially Indian weather.

5. Focus on Air Delivery

Before finalizing any specific brand, make sure about its good air delivery. The air delivery has depends on various factors including blade shape, blade size, RPM, motor size, height of the fan, wall size and width of room. Considering so many things to check the air delivery can be little difficult. So, the simplest way to check the air flow is CMM, and that stands for Cubic Meter per Minute. It can be used to test the higher amount of airflow. With the help of this alternate, you can look for such fan that will be offering finest airflow. Moreover, the best way to uplift the air flow is that the fan can be placed at maximum of height.

6. Look at noise-free feature

Generally, wall mount fans produce minimal noise when they can be adjusted at low speed and medium speed. So be sure, the brand you choose ensure about noiseless features. A less noisy fan is a good to buy for domestic use only. Well, if you are turning fan into highest speed, it generate least noise which can easily tolerable.

7. Focus on Oscillation

Oscillation is an important feature that is found in most of the wall-mounted fans. This feature helps to fans in swinging in different directions and as to cover the bigger area of room. You can access the fan with just single press by using on/off button. If you need the air flow in a particular direction, then you can turn it off. So look fan wall mount fans where you have an option to turn it off. Through this feature you can access your fan to blow air in a specific direction if needed.

8. Rotation Speed

Another feature is rotation speed, and that must be important to select a wall mounted fan. The fan will be too noisy if it is too fast. If the fan is too slow, there will be an issue of improper flow of air. If the speed comes with multiple setting features, you can easily set your fan as per your convenience and comfort.

9. Number of Blades

The wall-mounted fans usually offered with three blades. As far as domestic usage is priority, in that case lightweight are ideal that comes with three sharp blades. However, do ensure that you are buying a fan that is saved for domestic use. Fan with more than three blades might be useful when you are choosing fan for bedroom. But there are some cons to install four blade fans. It can produce loud noise on high-speed and consume much electricity. So better option is three blades fan that opt. many features which is quite beneficial.

10. Reputed Manufacturer

This is one of the most important factors after all the features that you should check. It’s always good to have a fan offering by reputed manufacturer. Because different users have different demands. Some may like to buy branded product, while some may like to compromise with quality. When you have variable options, making a choice will be easier. Depending on how manufacture will compete with other brands. If a fan offers with additional features and accessories then it would be the best option to buy.

11. Warranty

Warranty is another important factor that you must taking into consideration while buying. Mostly the fans especially wall-mounted fans come with 2-year warranty. In between this period, if you may feel issue with your product, you can claim it to change. Or you can take free services offering by manufactures within warranty period. A fan with 1-year warranty is a big disadvantage because the issue always comes after one year in electrical equipment’s. So it is better to pick a fan that offers at least minimum of two to three years of warranty period.

12. Star Rating

Just like other electric appliances, a want-mounted fan will also checked by star ratings. There are various online shopping website where you can get a complete description related to product including star rating. Various experts, customers will mentioned their experience and ratings. That is the best way to know about the fan.

13. Remote Control Functionality

Due to the rapid-development of technology, some advanced feature are included in fan these days. Among all features, remote control option is a best one. Usually, all wall-mounted fans come with a remote control option. It is an advanced feature that you should consider. For commercial and offices installations, fan with remote control is ideal choice. The option may feel necessary when your hands are busy in work. With the help of remote, you can quickly turn your fans on and off. Besides this, you can control fan speed without manually operating it.

14. Previous buyer feedback

It is a best way to know about the product. With the help of shopping websites, you can easily get complete pros and cons regarding fan. This way helps you in getting a perfect fan.

15. Budget

The last but an important factor is budget that everyone should consider. As per quality of product, the fans have been offered in different ranges. Make a clear mind about your budget. Sometimes, people may attract with the looks of fan but it is not a better way to buy a fan. Be sure, the fan offers various features in less budget.

Wall Fans Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Feature Is Essential in A Wall Fan?

As we have discussed above, you can consider the important points and buy the right wall-mounted fan for your use. But the most important feature that you need to look for when buying a wall fan is its weight. You must buy a lightweight wall fan for better usability.

It will be easier for you to install the wall fan, even on a thin wall.Installing a heavy wall fan can be difficult for you.

2. How The Base of a Wall Fan Should Be?

The wall fan should have a stable base so that it will be attached to the wall with no worries. It will prevent the fan from falling. But if the fan has a weak base, then it will fall from the wall and get damaged. So, you should always buy a wall fan that comes with a sturdy base.

3. Are Wall Fans Good for Use in A Small Space?

Yes, a wall fan can be used in a small space with no problems. These fans push and oscillate the air across an area and ensure proper airflow. So, for optimal results, one can use a wall fan in a space.

4. How Can I Install a Wall Fan?

It is simple to install a wall fan because most wall fans come with the necessary components for installation. First, you will need to choose a safe space where you can install the fan. Then you will need a drill and nails to install the fan. Moreover, you will need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to install the fan.

5. Can A Wall Fan Be Used as A Ceiling Fan?

Yes, you can use a wall fan as a ceiling fan if you need more air circulation in your room. Where a ceiling fan can’t be used, you can use a wall fan to get proper air circulation. You will have to follow the instructions and install the fan in the appropriate way. But the fan should have a long extension cord for convenience. 

6. What Is the Right Frequency to Clean a Wall Fan?

To ensure maximum efficiency, you will need to clean the wall fan once every month. It will remove dust and dirt from the blades and keep the fan from damage. If the fan is not cleaned in the right way, then it may not perform well because of dust and dirt.

Final Wrap up

Choosing the matching colour scheme makes your fan blend into the theme perfectly, and it will be an adequate choice to find a suitable colour. It might not be an important feature, but if you want to buy the best of all kinds, then you should check every single factor. Make sure that you learn about the CMM and RPM numbers of wall mount fans before finalizing.

In recent years, remote-controlled wall mount fans are high in demand, and the price has dropped by a significant amount. You can choose a popular brand during the purchase time to avoid any trouble regarding the quality and services. We hope that our list of ten great options will help you buy a quality wall mount fan.

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